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As I've entered my twenties, I've accomplished what I was "supposed" to do. I graduated high school, college, paid some dues at different jobs, and finally got my first big girl job (with a company I really enjoy - Perk!).

Even though I had a rough outline of what I should do, I never knew exactly what was next. For example, I knew I was definitely going to college, but I didn't know where. I knew I would have major, but not what it would be. Decisions, decisions... But they were all within the goals that had been laid out for me years ago.

So when I walked into my advisor's office at the start of the second semester of my Junior year and was told this would actually be my last semester EVER, a huge weight fell on my shoulders. My road map was coming to an end and more quickly than I had planned for.

According to Life's To Do List, I needed to find a real job and fast! I didn't know what type of job to get and I didn't know where on earth I would get it. So I applied and applied, hit up the job fairs at school, and applied some more. As each day passed without that big job landing in my lap, I was feeling more and more pressure. What if I didn't walk out of college with a big girl job? What if I didn't make it to the next step in Life's To Do List?

Well, I didn't make it out of college with a real job. At least, it wasn't the 9-5 office job that paid a nice salary that I was expecting. I joined the College Program at Walt Disney World. And while that is plenty of peoples' dream, it wasn't mine. I was a little ashamed to be there working an hourly job and not using my hard earned and high-priced degree. I wasn't where I wanted to be. From my perspective I had missed a step. I had fallen short of the goal. And that's when I looked up and said "Now What?"

Are you there too? Are you looking out into the future and asking "Now What?"

After a couple of months doing the exact same task over and over and over each day, I decided to get busy on a plan to either move up or get out!! Here are three ways I figured out my next step + some age-old advise from my mom (That in itself is worth the read).

1. Get inspired.

Ask yourself: What do I love to do?

You are a talented, hard-working individual and you don't just want any job. You want a job that makes you light up when you wake up each morning! You want to do something with your life that is inspiring to yourself and others. So allow yourself to be a little picky. Instead of throwing a noodle to the wall to see if it sticks, select your job applications carefully and invest time when applying. Let your passion show through!

2. Get Determined.

Ask yourself: When do I need to do this by?

Set goals and set up a timeline. I made a plan to do one of two things: climb the ladder or get out! I gave myself goals and, more importantly, I gave myself a timeline. When my timeline for climbing the ladder ran out, I stuck to my plan by switching gears completely to apply for jobs outside of the company. Adding a timeline to your goals will help you actually get them accomplished!

3. Get a Move On!

Ask yourself: What's stopping me?

"Pick a direction and go!" my mom always says. She taught me to jump in, begin, and see if I liked it or disliked it AFTER trying it. She did this with her architecture major in college. While she appreciated architecture, she realized pretty quickly that the artsy pre-requisite classes were not for her. If you sit on the sidelines, wondering if you'll like it or not, if you'll win or fail, you'll never know.

God provides in all situations. He led me to the right college. He led me to join my amazing sorority where I made best friends and accomplished huge projects that I will always be so proud of! He did not provide the 9-5 job I had imagined right out of college, but with a little time, that came along too. God has provided in every step of my life, I know He will continue to. He will provide in your life too.

As I look to the future of this blog, I want to continue to be inspired, determined, and always moving! Just because I've "made it" through the steps of Life's To Do List, I don't ever want to stop. Here's an inspirational quote (because who doesn't love an inspirational quote?).

"We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world." - Marianne Williamson

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thanks for stopping by!

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