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  • Holly Bousman


Photos by: The Bearded Bousman Photo Co.

Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season and I think a lot of you will agree with me. We get to trade in our sandals and tank tops for boots and comfy sweaters!

There's not much fall weather in South Texas where I grew up. It pretty much skips "cool" weather and goes straight to cold! When I moved to Arkansas for college, I got my first taste of real fall weather. The leaves changed, the weather got perfect, and all of it looked amazing on the UofA campus! From there I moved to Florida, where the weather was pretty much the same all year long.

That fall, in Florida, was a big turning point in my life. If you've read my post "A Story About Leaving College: Now What?" you'll remember that I was working for Walt Disney World® Resort right out of college. After a few months of working there, I decided to give myself a timeline to either move up the ladder or call it quits. So, when I my timeline was up and I had gotten close-but-no-cigar on getting a Professional Internship, I realized that I really did want to move on.

While I loved the people I was working with, my friends, and the atmosphere of the parks, I knew working for Disney forever wasn't my dream.

I started honing in on what I wanted for my life. Most importantly, I started praying for the job God had for me. John 3:27 says "A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven." After lots of hard work and praying, the next spring I was packed and ready to move to Colorado!

I am really thankful for where I work today, the beautiful state my work has brought me to, and the wonderful places I get to travel to as a result. I thought these photos from a theme park of sorts were perfect to go along with more of my Disney story. If you have any questions and a story of your own to share about a similar time in your life, please share it in the comments below. I would absolutely love to read them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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