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I'm pretty excited to release this post because it's my 10th Blog Post!! That was quick! I didn't think I'd make it so soon because, according to my original plan, I should only be on post number six.

In honor of reaching the 10th post sooner than planned, I want to ask you a question:


My Why

Back in the Spring of 2016, I realized that I wasn't doing a good job of capturing all the awesome places I had been traveling to for work. I thought 'What will I have to show for all these travels if I don't document them?' I needed a place to capture photos and to write down more memories. A blog seemed like the perfect idea.

My Goal

Starting a blog was more intimidating than I thought it would be. I wanted to immediately be perfect like so many established bloggers seem to be, but I couldn't realistically expect that from myself so soon. So, I made one teeny-tiny goal: Capture 1 decent photo on my upcoming work trip. JUST ONE! Use that one photo on Instagram and for my first blog post. Next trip, Repeat.

My Start

It was like a weight came off my chest when I made that goal, even as small as it was... I thought "Yeah! I can do that." Publishing one article a month + only one photo was the goal I needed to get started. If I hadn't broken down my BIG goal of starting a blog into my teeny-tiny goal, I would have been overwhelmed and I probably would have quit.

Here are the questions I've learned to ask myself to shrink BIG goals into bite-sized chunks:

Do I have breaks built into my life?

Publishing slowly, but consistently helps me stay motivated. I need to take care of what I need and what others involved need. Sometimes, we just need a break. So, that break is built into this blog's publishing schedule.

Am I being useful to those around me?

Publishing after a Bible study pushes me to write more meaningful content. I get especially "filled-up" on God's Word at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and have a little boost of inspiration to talk about more than just fluff. I want this blog to be useful to you, and to tell you about the love of Jesus is by-far the best way I can be useful.

Am I wasting my resources?

As the Holiday season approaches, I find myself wanting more and more stuff that, I am convinced, will make this blog better. Really, though, I have plenty of resources to make this blog great right now. Most of them, I'm not even putting to the best use!

The Take Away:

There's no shame it creating a teeny-tiny goal for yourself. You can always go bigger! The "small wins" are useful because they encouraging you to keep going! I'd rather start small than start with goals that I struggle to accomplish. It's all about the priorities we talked about last time!

I can't wait to hear what sort of goals you've set in your life. I'd love to hear a story about what has worked for you and what hasn't! Leave a comment or email me with the best ways you've divvied up your time!

John 6:5 "When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do."

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Thanks for stopping by!

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