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Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown
Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown
Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown
Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown
Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown

I really like how this painting turned out. Originally, I messed it up so badly that I thought I would have no other choice but to throw it in the trash. It's actually been over a year between starting and finishing this thing! So many times I passed the messed up version as it leaned up against wall apartment wall and thought about chucking it right then, but I'm so glad I didn't!

I started out with a blank canvas and spray-painted it so I would have an even background. I used in Rust-Oleum brand spray paint in Metallic Champagne. It's a color I've used on lamp shades, floating shelves, candlesticks, and another painting to tie all the pieces of my bedroom together.

Next, I traced the outer flower ring using an upside-down salad bowl. I went over the circle with a white paint pen and then started drawing in the flowers and leaves randomly. I wrote "Hello, Gorgeous" on the inside of the flower ring with my white paint pen and I DID NOT like it. The phrase looked too cheesy and the font was not right. So, I covered the flowers and leaves with masking tape and spray-painted over the phrase.

All better, right? Nope. When I pulled the masking tape off, there were really bad straight lines left over from the tape! It was so obvious what I had done. What I had planned to be a really simple painting was so messed up now!

I stared at it for about a year, always trying to brain storm ways to salvage it. And then it hit me! I realized I could probably cover up the weird lines with another circle, add flowers for cover, and color in the whole painting to really + add some color. Duh! It's funny how it takes so long sometimes to come up with a solution and other times it's just easy and immediate!

To finish off this painting I traced a smaller circle along the path of the damage and started adding flowers, leaves, and twigs to the circle.

Holly Canon Blog Painting a Double Flower Crown

I've got this hanging in my room now, and once again I'm reminded of God's love for me when He doesn't discard the messed up painting that I am. Instead, He waits patiently and turns me into something better. I love to paint because of that lesson right there!

How have you experienced God's patience and love in your life this week? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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