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Photos by The Bearded Bousman

Merry Christmas! Thank you for stopping by this week! Time of year can be so busy. I get so caught up making my home as perfect as possible, grabbing last minute presents, and making sure everyone else has a great experience. I'm sure you have some sort of craziness going on as well. So, thank you, for showing up here too in the midst of it all!

The other day, Jordan and I got up suuuper early and met at Union Station to take these photos. We snuck upstairs to this bar that overlooks the main lobby. This is the bar that Jordan and I ended our first Valentine's together (which was also the day he asked me to be his girlfriend!). So, it holds a special place in our hearts.

We also love hanging out in this space because it is impeccably decorated! It's got a Great Gatsby feel all the way! My favorite part of the decoration is the coffee table holding all brightly colored books!

The earrings are actually my Mawmaw's (grandma) that I got from her when I was last in Texas. She was about to give all these really cool earrings to Goodwill, but she let me pick out ones I liked instead. She is the jewelry queen, so I feel like I came home with a #haul!

The clutch is my mom's! I stole it out of her closet sometime in high school for dances. I used it all the time when I went out in college. It used to have an awesome strap that made it hands-free, but when that snapped, I just called it a clutch! It's served me well for 5+ years and goes with almost any dressy outfit I put together. It reminds me of Chanel because of it's cross-cross, quilted pattern.

The shoes are from DSW and are awesome. I love the laces and bows. The heel height is perfect for me! Not too tall, and sturdy so I know I won't fall. I always feel chic and classy in this pair and am always looking for another pair in a different color like a deep red or frosty blue!

The dress I'm wearing is one I found on sale at Target. I couldn't believe that this dress was ON SALE! It's dark green and definitely a fancy Christmas dress, am I right?! I guess the lack of sleeves may have pushed it to sale, but that's what jackets are for! So, I snatched it up, and I got it in Navy too.

The bomber is from Francesca's and was such a good color and so soft, that I had to grab it asap! I didn't even think about waiting for it to go on sale like I normally would (and should).

I am so excited to see my family this week and to spend some much needed time with everyone! I am excited to relax, listen to Michael Bublé and Pentatonix Christmas Albums non-stop!!

My favorite traditions are to cozy up and watch White Christmas or It's a Wonderful Life with a piece of pecan pie. What are your favorite traditions? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!


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