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Okay, so I'm kicking myself for not getting a ton more photos of this location! My camera is filled with pictures of my feet in the sand and that's pretty much it! haha

BUT! I do have these shots from a Catamaran Ferry ride that took Abby and I from the Safehaven Dock in Seven Mile Beach to Rum Point. Idk about you, but I thought the lighting at sunset in these pictures was simply beautiful.

When we booked this ferry, only $5 per person, they told us to take a cab from our hotel to the Safehaven Dock. They said to ask the cab driver if he could pick us up again after it was over, about 9:30. I really thought we would get a weird reaction from the cab driver, but our driver, Paul, said that he didn't mind at all and that he would be waiting for us at 9:30pm at the dock.

We checked in and the crew helped us board the boat. They gave a brief safety presentation. The crew was funny and friendly throwing in jokes during the spiel and then we were off!

As soon as we were moving, they put on great music, opened the cash bar, and let us explore all over the boat! I took them up on it and sat up front on the nets for a little while with a few other people. We had such a fun and relaxing time with Red Sail Sports cruising along the clear water toward the tip of the island.

Once we reached Rum Point, the crew lead everyone up the long dock, with pretty lanterns on one side, lighting the way. We all were taken up to Rum Point Restaurant, checked in by party, and given a table by group. Abby and I both grabbed our staple island drink: Piña Coladas, of course. The food was awesome! We were absolutely stuffed afterward.

Since we finished before everyone else, and we didn't have to be back to the boat just yet, we wandered around the nearby shops that were closed for the day. (I think the Rum Point Restaurant is the only place open because it is specifically for the Catamaran Ferry group.) There were a lot of cats hanging around the closed shops and they even had cat houses for them! That definitely kept us entertained until it was time to head back down the long dock, board the ship, and ferry home.

Paul was waiting for us when we got back to the dock. He said he played soccer with friends while he waited for us because "It's good to exercise." That's right, Paul!

I hope the story made up for the lack of pictures!

I'm off to Puerto Rico next. Does anyone have any tips and advice on what to do there? Please leave a comment in the section below, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by!


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