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Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School
Holly Canon Blog Create Good Skirt High School

Photos by The Bearded Bousman

I'm so excited to get to share these photos and this skirt with you!! Maggie, the maker and owner of Create Good, breathes life into thrifted men's button down shirts by turning them into super fun skirts (and more) like the one I'm wearing! She found her first shirts in the thrift stores that were up and down the coast, of North Carolina, where she lived. She says they always had tropical treasures like flamboyant, printed men's shirts that were just begging to be turned into fun skirts for women!.

Maggie just moved to Denver and I am so happy she's here because she's the next #bossbabe on our list! I'm pumped for you to read the Q&A we put together below! Plus, she's giving you guys a code to use to receive 15% off your purchase! Keep reading to find it :)

When she mentioned that she and her friend associated this plaid skirt with their old school uniforms, I completely agreed. I can totally relate because I had a plaid skirt in high school too (green like a kilt, and I actually liked it!). That got me thinking about all the important things I've learned since I left high school!

If I had the chance to encourage my high school self because of what I know now, what would I say? What would YOU say?! I wanted to get Maggie's take on what she might say if she found herself face to face with her high school self. What encouragement would she give herself? I also asked a few of my friends for their input too and this is what they said! See if you can find any patterns!

If I could give some encouragement to my high school self, the one thing I would say is....

Maggie: Keep being you and don't be discouraged when taking the time to figure out who you want to be.

Darren: Step out of your comfort zone. Starting now will help that growing process begin which will have untold benefits for the future.

Rebecca: Get involved in anything you think you have an interest in: sports, music, theater, volunteering, etc. It's such a fun time to discover your passions. Invest in friendships and don't worry about cliques or the "popular" people! It's fun to make friends that are maybe not exactly your type, they may be different than what you expect and you can always learn from people different than you!

Jordan: Save more, give more, and read more frequently. The earlier you start saving, the more financially smart and strong you will be. The more you give to others (time, talents, or treasures), the better prepared you will be for a loving and selfless relationship. The more you read, the more you'll learn, and the more power you'll have over your own future.

Lauren: Everything seems bigger and worse in the moment, but when you are a few years down the road you realize it was a small bump and not a giant bump in the road!

Stephen: Keep trusting in Jesus and don't let the world influence your commitments.

Holly: Relax. Be friends with whoever you want, there are no rules! I meant it, none. Don't take yourself too seriously, everything will be fine.

Q&A with Maggie, Create Good:

I love getting to ask questions of women who own their own businesses and who are crushing it! Amazingly, Maggie answered nearly all of my questions and provided fantastic value along the way!! Check it out:

Where did you get the inspiration to start your own company? I come from a very entrepreneurial family. My father taught business courses at the college level for 30 years, my mother has owned her own seamstress business for 25 years, and collectively they run a small rental property business. I grew up knowing that this lifestyle was possible if I worked hard. In 2012 I started and ran a nonprofit with a friend. When that ended in 2013, I began searching for jobs at any nonprofit I could find. The job search felt hopeless and I decided to try selling things on Etsy to help bridge in gap in time and income. I kept making products here and there but it wasn't until late 2015 that I went all in. 2016 was an amazing year and I'm looking forward to growth in 2017.

How did you decide on your store name? Where did "Create Good" come from?

Originally, my company was "M.G.Naffziger" which is just my name. I thought it was really important that your product should be a representation of who you are and you shouldn't be afraid to claim it. However, that isn't a name that easily rolls off the tongue! I thought long and hard about what I wanted my company to accomplish and in the end, Create Good just made sense to me.

What was the hardest part of getting started?

The hardest part about getting started is being brave enough to start. Every time I want to join other makers at shows or advertise online, I'm putting my heart and soul out in to the world in hopes of not being rejected. Everything else is easy.

What was the easiest part of getting started? The easiest part is knowing that I work for myself.

What has been the most surprising part of running your own business? There are two things that constantly surprise me. The first is how much can be expected of you. You have to have the ability to fill job titles anywhere from photographer to accountant to inventor. It can be overwhelming to always need to know the answers to your own questions! The second part that always surprises me is the love people have for my products. It's always really refreshing to watch someone fall in love with my skirts or the calligraphy prints I sell. It recharges me to keep doing my best work.

What would you tell someone else just starting out in their business? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What are you most excited to be working on currently? I'm most excited to be exploring what Colorado has to offer for small businesses. After moving here in September from North Carolina, it was hard to know what the future of my company might look like. It's exciting to network with others, find new markets and venues, and be inspired by new creative minds.

What's one step you take daily to reach your goals? I focus on balance to keep my company moving forward. It's a big part of why I love running my own company, each day is different. It keeps me interested and excited about what I'm doing. If I had to complete the same task each and every day I'd probably lose my mind!

What has been the most useful tool in your business? My sewing machine and sharpies. I wouldn't have a business without them!

What's your favorite social media platform and what's your biggest tip when using it? Instagram is by far my favorite because it's clean and simple. The biggest tips are just to post good photos and stick strictly to your business. If you don't sell food there is no reason to post a picture of your lunch!

Who is the most inspirational #bossbabe you can think of? There is a tie for this title. First and foremost, my mother. She is a mother of 4 and constantly showed all of us that we can make the life we want if we educate ourselves and give 100%. I'd be a completely different person if I had a mother who told me not to step out of line for something I believed in. The second, my previous boss. I got to work one on one with a successful small business owner and it was the education of a lifetime. I learned more managing her restaurant than I ever learned in my college business courses because she empowered and supported me to make her business more successful.

Who encourages you along the way?

I can't even begin to list the people that continue to encourage me each day. I'm very lucky with the network I've maintained in my life and it makes all the difference.

Wow! Thank you, Maggie for all that awesome information and inspiration. You can find out more about Maggie and shop her fun creations here and follow her on Instagram here! Plus use code: CREATEGOOD to get 15% off your purchase!

*Thank you Create Good for sponsoring this post!

Thanks for stopping by!

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