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The other week, Jordan and I drove up highway 70 to this overpass that has the best views of the mountains.

If you are heading up to Breckenridge or Vail, this is the highway you take, and when you're approaching this overpass, you can't tell that you're about to experience the most breathtaking sight, and then out of no where, you get this view!

The wind made it so freezing up here that we ran to our spot, snapped photos for as long as we could stand it, ran back to the car to warm up, and ran back out to get just a few more! I couldn't hear Jordan through all the wind, so I just kept smiling and turning different directions hoping that's what he needed. Our photoshoots are so different than they used to be!

I remember back to our very first photoshoot together - the one that I wanted to use to start the blog - how mad we got at each other! I kept doing the same pose over and over and telling him, "Take a picture!" and he would tell me "New pose!" every few seconds. I couldn't figure out how to tell him what I wanted and he couldn't figure out how to tell me what he wanted. We got so upset, we almost gave up!

Now, after almost a year of practice, we both are better at our own tasks. I've practiced my poses and he's practiced directing me. We've taught each other what we need and we communicate kindly. haha It's just so much better! We also used to take so long to do a photoshoot and now it's in and out - super quick! Which is awesome! I remember that we got Torchy's Taco's asap after this shoot! We rushed down the mountain and tacked a great date night onto this evening. Win win!

On my mind lately:

Recently, I've been so impressed when I come across women who seem to be farther ahead of me in one area of life or another. Some are more peace-filled, some are seeing success in ways I want to see success too, and some are more (you can fill in the blank)! We're all so different, there's always something I can admire about someone else.

For as long as I can remember, I've been defining myself by my age. For example, when I worked as a Wedding Coordinator in Texas, I constantly told my supervisor "I'm not old enough to do this!" She told me that my age did not matter one bit, but I didn't believe her. The brides were always older than high-school-age-me and, even though I felt capable of doing the job, I held myself back because of my age and what I perceived that to mean: too young to be taken seriously and too young to know what I was doing.

Another example is when I worked for Walt Disney World right out of college. I felt like I was behind in my career. Looking back, that was an important time to figure out adult life and who I wanted to be. Plus, it really was so much fun!

Now, I'm seeing wives, moms, business owners, career changers, fashionistas, writers, musicians, home-owners, thought leaders, and more of all ages! When I see those women, it reminds me that I should never limit myself because of my age. And before jealousy rises up, I have to remind myself that I should feel confident in God's perfect timing. If I'm ready to become something - I'll become it! If I want to wait on something, or am being made to wait ;) - I'll wait!

There's no rush, but there's also nothing holding me back.

In what area have you been holding back? When have you been moving before you're ready? Have you ever felt defined by your age? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

I hope everyone has an awesome week! Thanks for stopping by!

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