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Last Tuesday evening, something wonderful happened! The man I love proposed to me and I said yes. Before I tell you the story of that night, I have to preface it a bit:

Just about a year ago, Jordan and I were driving around town in practically blizzard weather going in and out of any stores that were open. We had been dating for a few months and were killing time before going to see our first concert together. Judah and the Lion was the name of the band. I had an idea of who they were only because Jordan played their songs in the car often. Jordan told me I'd really like their music, that they are a lot of fun on stage, and that he really wanted me to go, so we went.

While we were in one of the stores, with a couple of hours to go before we needed to start getting to the venue, Brian, the mandolin player, called Jordan. He said that the VIP Meet and Greet was going to start in about an hour and asked if we would like to go. Jordan didn't even have to consider it, he loves these guys so much, he said yes immediately and we rushed, as fast as you can rush in blizzard conditions, over to the venue.

The Meet and Greet was intimate, maybe ten people, and I was shocked when the band members really did know Jordan by name and wanted to know what was going on in his life since they'd last seen him. They even knew my name! These guys were so genuine that they really impressed me. They played a few songs, answered a few questions, took pictures with everyone, and then headed back stage to prepare.

About an hour later we were jamming out to Folk Hop N' Roll, their signature sound, and they were as awesome in concert as Jordan said they would be. We had a blast! It was the first time I'd seen Jordan jump up and down and dance like a crazy man! It was really funny and just a great time for us and our friends!

Fast forward through the year. Jordan and I talked more and more about marriage and the timeline that we would both feel comfortable with. At first, I was set on dating for two years and being engaged for one year. I could tell Jordan wasn't too excited about waiting that long, but because he loves me, he was willing to be patient. We kept dating like normal and sometimes we would hear Judah and the Lion on the radio or in a commercial at the movies. We got so excited for them and had a certain pride with every success they had. Sometime throughout that year, I finally felt really sure that I wanted to marry Jordan, so I gave him the green-light to propose whenever he wanted to.

He went to work! He took me to get my ring finger sized, starting planning a trip down to Texas to get my parents' blessing, and secretly reached out to Judah and the Lion to ask if they wanted to be a part of the proposal. He also got a personal trainer and was set on getting a six pack by May. We are going to Hawaii in May so I was convinced he was going to propose then.

On a random Tuesday afternoon, we were headed to go see our favorite band, J&TL, for the second time. I wore the concert T-shirt from last year and didn't think to re-do my hair or make-up because we'd be jumping around getting sweaty anyway (and I thought I had until May to have my nails ready).

Jordan told me that we were going to the Meet and Greet again, and I didn't think anything of it. Looking back, Jordan was acting a tiny bit strange, he had to go back to the car for something and wouldn't let me go with him, while we were waiting for the band to come out, he wouldn't let me wrap my arm around his back (because he was scared I would touch the box hidden under his belt).

After the band played a couple songs and answered some questions, they told the group of people that their good buddy Jordan was there and that Jordan wanted to dedicated this next song to me. "Aww, that's sweet." I thought... and that's all I thought. I figured that these guys are already so genuine and nice, that they would just agree to do that sort of thing. They played "Take it all back" and even with lyrics like "someday we might... have a wife with a big ole diamond ring," I still wasn't catching on.

After the song, the guys moved their stools out of the way and asked Jordan to come up. Jordan brought me along and I honestly thought we were just going up to give them hugs. But then Jordan turned around to face me and had a box in his hand! He said he loved me, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and he used a line from the song, "I feel I'm well on my way to my dreams coming true, and I'm getting to do it with you." And he asked THE question, "Holly, will you marry me?" and I said, "Absolutely. Yes!"

Ashlee Crowden was there to capture the whole thing! We took a few shots in and outside the theater and some with the guys. Then some of Jordan and my friends started showing up. I was still in so much shock that I thought, "Oh, what a coincidence that you are all here. Guess what just happened?!" But they knew. There were lots of hugs and congratulations! It was so nice to have everyone there to surround us in love and share in this epic night!

Wow! We are engaged. That's crazy wonderful!! I'm sooo excited to marry this phenomenal (his go-to word for everything these days) man!!

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