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Happy Tuesday, everyone! If you haven't already heard, Jordan and I are engaaaaaaged!! You can read our proposal story here. :)

Currently, Jordan and I live on opposite sides of town which can make seeing each other and our friends a little bit tough. We've both said it's a good thing, though, because it makes us really plan our time together. Date nights in downtown Denver are our go-to when we want to see each other on a week night because it's smack dab in the middle of both of us.

In our early months of dating, I kept noticing this cool looking tea lounge called Platform T on my way to meet Jordan. We love finding new spots to try around town, so we checked it out and we are SO glad we did! Platform T has become one of our favorite places to meet with friends from both ends of town, like our friend Greta who lives pretty far North. Meeting up with her here was a perfect in-between spot for us both! Greta loves trying new coffee shops, so when I told her she HAD to come try Platform T, she was all in!

We always ask the baristas what their favorite drinks are, and go with whatever they say! It's such a fun way to get to know the personality of the people working and try a new drink that we might not have gone for on our own! This time Greta and I asked what we should get and they suggested we try their tea service and it's seriously so cool! They bring you a real tea pot (this one's color is so pretty!), a hunk of local colorado honeycomb, and an hourglass to time your steeping tea.

PRO TIP: You should put the honeycomb in the tea leaf holder and let it steep with your tea. The honeycomb gets warm so the wax melts away and the honey drips into your tea before you pour. We didn't know that, so we just put the honeycomb straight into the glass and poured the tea over it. It's fine that way too as long as you don't mind a little wax in your tea! haha

Even if you don't ask the baristas for help, Platform T has made it super easy to pick your tea by breaking their menu down into 6 flavor catagories. If you're gong for Fruity, Tropical, Chocolate & Spice, Herbal, Classic, or something Pure, they've got you covered! If you're not a tea drinker at all, come for the full coffee and espresso bar or grab an adult bev at their cocktail and wine bar. Plus, they have yummy foods too! Check out their entire menu here.

I had such a fun time at Platform T hanging out with Greta! I'm not sure if she's come over to the tea side just yet, but I know we'll definitely be back to try the many more teas they offer. Keep an eye out for a special Mother's Day treat at Platform T! I'll let you know the details as soon as I do! My mom will be in town on Mother's Day, so I might even see you there!! :)

*Thank you to Platform T for sponsoring this post!

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