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Breath-taking. Stunning. Classic. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think about trying to describe this resort. (I'm so glad I have pictures to show you instead!)

The Sea Island Resorts are made up of not only a hotel or two, but of permanent and rentable residences including a vast neighborhood of mansions.

If you guys were following along on Instagram, you know that from the moment I drove up to the front gate, which was big enough to be a house by itself, I knew this place was going to be special. The hotel lobby was magnificent. There is a grand staircase, a few giant medieval chandeliers, and lots of velvet couches and lounge chairs filling the space.

When my friend Jordan (not my fiancé, Jordan, but my friend from high school youth group) visited, we played a game of scrabble in the lobby while a live band played and a wedding cocktail hour began right outside. We were halfway through filling up the board when she mentioned how much she hates scrabble! What?! Why did she let us play for so long?! haha So we abandoned that and ordered Pecan Pie to split instead. "Pie is always better than scrabble." That's my motto.

The photo below is the outside of the atrium, a room away from the main lobby. There are two bird cages inside with 2 birds in each that sing and chirp all day long. They are actually pretty friendly and will chirp back at you when you talk to them! It was so cute :) There was also a little chapel (in the photos above) near my room. There were at least two weddings there this weekend, as soon as they were tearing down for one, they were setting up for the other in the little lawn in the photo below. Talk about a gorgeous place for a wedding!!

I spent every free moment of this trip with my camera hanging around my neck. I didn't want to miss whatever was waiting around the next corner!

The hotel is so huge that it took a good amount of effort, at first, to remember where I was and to figure out where I was going. I even had to use a map, which I never have to do! Each day I focused on a different wing. First, the one I was staying in, then the opposite side wing, across the lobby, and then I was finally ready to cross the street to see the Beach Club on the side that touches the ocean. After exploring the Beach Club I realized there was a whole neighborhood of mansions to walk through. Jordan and I end up driving down the main road of the neighborhood at like 20 miles per hours just taking them all in!

My favorite part of this resort was all of the landscaping. Personally, I think that's one of the things that makes this resort! The architecture is great, the staff is so helpful, and the rooms are so so nice, but I think the plants and trees and vines growing all over the place are what give this resort a special feel. There must be a huge team keeping all of those plants in check!

There was so much more to this resort that I didn't have time to go see. Apparently there is a Lodge somewhere with a burial ground next to it, it's a great place to watch the sunset they say! haha There is a shooting school just up the road where you can shoot clay pigeons over a huge marsh field. You could horse-back ride on the beach, or kayak up the channel, the possibilities are endless here!

The Cloister at Sea Island is by far the best resort I've ever been too. I can't wait until the next time I get to back!

Thinking lately: One of the biggest things I've learned in the past few months is to ask people to give me an apology when I need it. Even if it doesn't come, I've "cleaned my side of the street" by expressing what it is I need. If the other person doesn't deliver, that's their own issue. At least they know what's expected of them and I don't have to dwell on "what if's."

Reading lately: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I love the little note she put in the front of her book:"To (my family) who wanted to know what happened next even when I didn't." Love that! I have some fiction novel ideas bouncing around in my head, but when I come to a point in the story where I don't know what's next, it's so nice to have friends who want to know! It pushes me to find out. Maybe I'll write them down someday!

Any Questions?: What do you guys want to know? What do you guys like to read? What would you like to see more of here? Let me know in the comments below!

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