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Photos by: The Bearded Bousman Photo Co.

It's just a few days after Mother's Day, today. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating your mom and/or being celebrated! My mom, Jordan, my roommate, Brandi, and I went to brunch at Punch Bowl Social this year and then Jordan and I took my mom to the Denver Botanical Gardens for the rest of the day. We had such a relaxing time soaking up all the beauty the gardeners work tirelessly to keep-up. I can't wait to show you the photos from that day!

These photos are from another day when Jordan and I checked out the Hudson Gardens near Denver. On the day we visited, there were not many flowers blooming at all. The lady who let us in told us to come back once the roses start blooming and all the plants come to life. We told her we definitely would and enjoyed our walk through the almost-bare garden, imagining what all the plants were working hard to become.

When I think of gardens I grew up around, I remember my mom working in the flowerbed making sure her daises were pruned and that the weeds growing around them were all plucked out. I remember Saturdays filled with yard work - digging, retaining, clearing, and planting. I can picture my dad watering his vegetable garden full of cucumbers, tomatoes, and sugar-snap peas. I remember the day he found his long lost cell-phone buried in the dirt. The poor thing had endured months of watering right along with the plants! I have so many memories that revolve around a garden of some sort. Whether we were working hard to prepare the garden for planting, tending to the garden to help plants grow, or enjoying the produce, gardening has always been a task that requires the me to pause life and focus on the present.

When I'm tending to the two plants I have in my office, the only gardening I have responsibility for right now, I can't focus on what they will become or what they were when they were first potted. I have to examine each plant daily, decide if pruning is needed, if I need to water it, and if I need to adjust it according to the light shining in that day. It's a daily process of re-evaluating.

Gardening reminds me that, though I have dreams for who I want to become and though I may feel disqualified based on who I once was, today I have some choices to make. Do I need pruning? Watering? A little more light?

Although there were not many people wandering around the mostly barren garden, the gardeners' daily work was still evident. Soon, all their work will be much prettier to look at - the flowers will bloom and people will flock in to see them, but the gardener never stopped working just because no one was around to watch.

I know that I have a master Gardener tending to my life. Though things may seem dead all around me, like nothing is happening at all, I know He continues to work through each season - sometimes unseen. I know that Spring will come again.

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