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How has your week been so far? The summer is starting up and I can't wait for all the fun summer weekend trips I have planned! The past few days have been fairly busy, and though I have some after-work stuff booked later this week, I've been able to get home quickly in the last few evenings and just relax. I've been reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard lately and am now on the sequel Glass Sword... Don't get sucked in if you want to do anything productive with your life - or do! It's a good read.

I think the act of sitting down to read a book is so luxurious even though it's such small thing. Sometimes, I can't believe I'm stealing the time (because it definitely feels like stealing)! Yes, I have an endless list of things to do too - even without kids yet (idk WHAT I'm going to do then! ha) - and, most days, even I can't find the time to get everything done that I want to. So these precious half hours of reading or napping or doing nothing are so amazing. Sometimes I'm so eager to get into my PJ's and sit down to read that I forget to go to the store and buy food or pick up more face wash on the way home. Oh well! I'm usually so comfy that by the time I realize what I've forgotten, I just push it to the next day.. It's worth it!

I first found Violet Hour Fashion on Instagram and fell in love with the sweet prints and super cute pieces. When I reached out to compliment the owner on her awesome-ness (specifically a Valentine's Day photoshoot that I thought was just adorable!) we decided to get together and collaborate! Katey first had the idea to start her business when she was doing laundry one day and thought "What the heck am I wearing to bed?" She was wearing old college tee shirts, sweats from an ex-boyfriend, nothing that matched, and nothing that made her feel like the adult she is. I can totally relate. I still have stacks of ZTA tees + nike shorts that I reach for out of habit - anyone else?!

Katey joined the fashion industry here in Colorado - not feeling drawn to LA or New York and loved it for a while... until she started seeing where the items were being made and by who and for what price! She knew there had to be a better way. So her wheels started turning and she came up with Violet Hour Fashion - referencing that moment just before bedtime when the sun sets and the world turns violet.

Each item on her shop is sewn right here in Colorado by a very talented women who supports her 4 children, by herself, with seamstress work for Katey and others in the Denver area. Katey naturally dyes each item herself - check out her Insta-stories for some behind the scenes action. Now Katey knows where her products are being made, she knows the seamstress personally, and she knows that the value of that labor is going directly to the seamstress and back into the business to do it all over again.

Q&A with Katey, Violet Hour Fashion:

I love getting to ask questions of women who own their own businesses and who are crushing it! Check it out:

Where did you get the idea/inspiration to start your own company?

I was folding my laundry and was embarrased of my old ratty pjs. Old t-shirts from college and mix matched sets, bird prints, and an old boyfriend's sweats. I had been thinking about launching a business and that is when it came to me that there was a gap in the market for classy sleepwear that actually makes you feel like an adult.

How did you decide on your name? Where did "Violet Hour" come from?

The Violet Hour is the time of the night when the sun sets and lights up the sky in pinks and purples. A wonderful friend of mine from years past introduced me to the term and it made complete sense when launching the company. It's the time of the night where you put on your sleepwear!

If you could say one thing to encourage your self when you first started this business, what would you say?


What was the hardest part of getting started?

Learning about technical things you hadn't ever done before, accounting, setting up a business, all the fun legal stuff.

What was the easiest part of getting started?

Being able to be creative everyday.

What has been the most surprising part of running your own business?

The ups and downs. Sometimes everything is go go go, and other times you just need to take a break and refocus on taking care of yourself. I thought it would always be steady!

What would you tell someone else just starting out in their business?

It's rewarding to be your own boss and dictate your work day, keep your nose to the grindstone and put everything you have into the business for the first 2-3 years, and just keep going. You'll get there.

What's one step you take daily to reach your goal(s)?

I write a daily list of tasks I need to complete. And 20 minute cat naps (those are A-OKAY at VH headquarters) to boost creativity.

What has been the most useful tool in your business?

Hiring digital pattern graders - they grade new patterns to the size range a million times faster than anyone can do it by hand.

What's your favorite social media platform and what's your biggest tip when using it?

Instagram - be genuine with your story. I love posting IG stories these days because a real un filtered look into what happens in the studio. Who is the most inspirational business lady you can think of?

My mom, she owns a successful business in the midwest and always is my positive backbone to push me throw the hard days of startup mode.

I just love hearing from women who are crushing it in business. It gives me so much inspiration to keep going with this blog and to keep dreaming. I hope you are inspired to work through the hard days, step by step, to get to the great days! "Just Keep Going!", Katey says and I completely agree. Keep showing up each day and hustle to get where you want to be! Love it!

*Thank you Violet Hour Fashion for sponsoring this post!

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