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The other weekend I went down to Colorado Springs to stay at The Broadmoor hotel. This hotel is a sister property of Sea Island, GA's Cloister at the Sea, which is the resort that I showed you guys in this post. The Broadmoor is the perfect stay-cation destination for Denverites. Since it's only about an hour and a half from the center of Denver, it just far enough away to escape without the hassle of getting on a plane.

Of course, I took my camera along so that I could explore the grounds and show you guys how beautiful this place is. I always love how these hotels have so many detailes. I love photographing as much as I can and honing my photography skills! I used to think all it took was pointing and shooting, but there's a lot more involved to get the perfect shot! I hope I keep improving so that you guys get awesome pictures to look at constantly!

Since it is so close, Jordan visited me one of the days I was there. We hopped in a paddle boat (the fee is included in your hotel stay) and cruised around the lake that sits in between the two main buildings of the hotel. We "chased" the two swans on the lake. Although, we never actually got close to them, they were much faster than our paddle boat. Jordan had been teasing me that he was going to paddle us right underneath a fountain and splash us both. So when we passed the fountain close, but didn't go underneath, I heaved a sigh of relief... until he started paddling backwards and I realized he was positioning ME directly under the waterfall, so that I'd get splashed and not him!! I used both of my feet and pushed down with all my body weight to keep him from paddling. He is much stronger than I am and definitely could've kept paddling me under the water, but he let me win (wise choice!) and we paddled back to the dock. :) We finished off the paddle boating experience with some lunch and chocolate spaghetti (pictured above).


1. The past few weeks have been really good. I think I'm starting to hone in on what I really want to talk about here on the blog. A certain phrase has been popping into my head over the past few weeks and I think I would like to make it my "theme." The phrase is "To Live Free." I think the meaning of that phrase has to do with creating freedom in my life to do the things I want. Things that will benefit my present and future.

That includes simple things like, getting my hair back to it's natural color so I don't spend time and money on hair color. I have more fun (to me) things to do with my time than sit in a chair getting my hair colored!It also means making sure I take good care of my face so that I can be free to go without make-up some days and still look and feel good.

It also includes bigger things like, protecting my time and working toward a freer daily schedule. For example, I have had weeks where I book myself up every night after work and I'm just drained by the end of each day. I forget to do laundry or to cook food and end up feeling stressed about so many things. I am learning to say no and learning to protect my time. I may do a blog post on my weekly schedule sometime to show you guys how I prioritize my time.

Budgeting my money, is also a big way I can stay free and in control (in a healthy way). Instead of reacting to life, I can be proactive in making big dreams come true with my finances. I LOVE using the Every Dollar Budgeting tool by Dave Ramsey. I check it against my bank account almost everyday before I do anything else to make sure I'm still on track with my budget. It's SO fun to "name every dollar" before the month begins and watch as my money goes where I want it to, "instead of wondering where it went."

2. I got a new iPhone 7 Plus because of the wonderful double camera on the front! So far I really really like it! I was on my own plan but just switched to a family plan where I now have unlimited data and an awesome camera! I am paying basically the same price as I was for limited data and a lesser iPhone. Now I can use my iPhone more for blogging without getting overcharged or not-as-great photos. Win! Win!

3. Wedding Planning is coming along slowly but surely! Next on my To Do List is to "propose" to my bridesmaids. I just bought their gifts last night and I am super excited to show you guys soon! After looking through what felt like every possible gift I finally found something that I feel is a little more unique. Another thing on my Wedding To-Do List is to pick out Save The Dates and Invitations. Any ideas on where to purchase invitations those in the Denver area?

What do you think?

Have you ever visited The Broadmoor? Do you plan on visiting soon? I'd love to hear about your trip in the comments below!

What do you think about my idea to start talking about the theme "To Live Free" ? Yay or Nay? Anything you think I should cover?

Do you have any ideas for Invitations and Save the Dates? Any tips for wedding planning? I'd seriously love any help I can get! Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!


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