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You may have already been down the path of wedding planning or maybe you are looking ahead, dreaming of your perfect wedding. There are lots of decisions to make, sometimes all at once, and as you might imagine, it can get really stressful! I am constantly reminding myself that the entire point is that I get to marry the man I love (major yay!), not all the details. To be honest, that's easier said than done...

In the midst of all the crazy planning, though, some days are exceptionally fun! One of those days came along the other week when I got to sit down with Nicole Toledo from Beauty Lounge. She walked me through a sample beauty plan for the big day and gave me some much-needed advice!

Nicole has received 5 stars across the board on all her WeddingWire reviews, winning her a Couple's Choice Award for 2017, so she knows what she's talking about! Check out the Q&A below to learn why you need a professional makeup artist, what to look for when selecting your artist, and how to choose the best wedding-day look!

Q&A with Nicole Toledo from BEAUTY LOUNGE in Denver, Colorado

Is it important to get a professional makeup artist for your big day? Nicole says yes!

"On camera, you will need more makeup than you do for everyday life. More definition is needed as the camera can wash you out. You are wearing a wedding gown and a polished hair style, so your makeup should match the overall look. Only a professional will know the best tips and tricks to help you look your best on camera and film. She will also know the best ways to keep your makeup waterproof and long-wearing to keep you looking your best from morning till night."

What sort of wedding day look would you recommend?

"I would recommend scrolling through Pinterest to pin makeup inspiration. Find the commonalities between your favorite looks and go from there. Think about choosing a look that is you, but better! If you never wear bright lips or dark eyes, don't start on your wedding day."

What should a bride look for when selecting her makeup artist?

"Finding someone with years of experience doing wedding makeup who matches your style. Look at the makeup artist's portfolio to see if your style meets his or hers. It is so important to do a trial so that the bride and artist are on the same page. On the big day, you don't want any surprises. The bride should be able to just relax and sip mimosas."

What does a professional makeup artist look for when selecting makeup for a bride?

"Texture, from aging or dryness, plays a part for sure. The artist will choose skincare and makeup products to diminish texture on the skin. Artists will also look at your face and eye shape, the color of your skin or eyes, and even consider the season and climate to choose the products to help you look your best."

Do you suggest booking a professional make-up artist for all of your bridesmaids, MOB, and MOG?

"Yes, you will want your wedding party to look cohesive. It's distracting in group photos when one bridesmaid is wearing a look that is much more natural or dramatic than everyone else. An experienced artist will know how to choose the best products for photography and how long to allot for each person so that you can stay on time."

How far in advance should a bride book her makeup artist?

It's a great idea to secure your artist as soon as you have your date and location booked. Artists can book out over a year in advance so don't procrastinate.

What is your favorite part about doing wedding makeup?

"I love being part of one of the most special days in a woman's life. I know that she will love looking at herself in those photos for many years to come. My favorite part is seeing all of the makeup memories come to life when I receive the professional photos after the wedding. It's like Christmas morning to me!"

Where can brides find out more about you and where can they get in touch with you?

"Brides can check out my website at www.nicoletoledomakeupartistry.com or on Instagram at @nicoletoledomakeupartistry "

#BossBabe Quote of the day:

"Do something you are very passionate about. Start small, then grow slow and steady. Relationships are the most important thing in business, so be kind to everyone."

- Shawnte`, Owner and Creator of Beauty Lounge

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