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Photos by: Ashlee Crowden Photography Wedding Gown from: Blue Bridal Boutique

Floral Designs by: MJM Designs

Hair by: Rylie Meyers

Hey everyone! Today I am so excited to share the photos from our engagement shoot!! We wanted to take these closer to when we first got engaged, but with my travel schedule for work and all the fun trips we wanted to take over the summer weekends, it didn't work out until just a couple weeks ago. I am so glad that we waited, though, because we were able to work with amazing ladies from all around Denver to put together this gorgeously dreamy engagement shoot!

A lot of you are probably thinking "These look like wedding photos!" and you're right, they definitely could be our wedding photos! All the elements are there: I'm in a white dress, he's looking sharp, we look so in love, but nope these are not our wedding photos! We do have a wedding date set and it's still not for a while. For this photoshoot, it was really important to me to honor whatever Jordan wanted in regards to me wearing a white dress or not. He definitely let me know that he didn’t want to see me in THE dress before the wedding, but that he didn't mind it at all if I wore a white dress for these photos. As long as the dress I wore was "less fancy" than the dress I will wear on the big day, he said to go for it! I said: DEAL!

Blue Bridal Boutique helped me pick the perfect dress that was absolutely gorgeous, but still not as dramatic as my real wedding dress. This gown is actually a two-piece so you can mix and match the top to the skirt however you like! Go to my Instagram or Blue Bridal's Instagram to enter to win a pair of, local designer, Sara Gabriel earrings valued at $50 - for free! Now through Sunday, August 13.

Ashlee Crowden is our incredible photographer. She’s the one who captured our proposal and is all set to capture our wedding! Since Jordan and I are both really creative, we wanted her to know that we trusted her creativity completely. So we asked Ashlee, "Where have you always wanted to go, but haven’t been able to yet?" She was so excited to tell us about how much she'd wanted to shoot the Paint Mines. We loved that idea!. The photos turned out so beautifully, I am so amazed at her talent! She made us look goooood! If you need a wedding photographer in the Denver area, book Ashlee asap!! She is also available for travel wedding photography!

The amazing floral pieces were from MJM Designs. Mandy did such an amazing job! I love the necklace the most because I had never seen floral jewelry before! The pieces ended up being so unique and one of my favorite parts of the whole shoot! There were even little berries in all the designs that brought out that really pretty cranberry color in the flower petals and the pink in the rocks of Paint Mines. I loved it all and have the bouquet in my office still – it makes me so happy to look at it! If you or someone you know is getting married near Denver, Colorado show them this post! MJM Designs is offering FREE delivery on any wedding or event booked (within a 50 mile radius) when they mention this blog post.

Our friend and talented hairstylist Rylie Meyers cut and styled my hair the morning of our shoot. We decided on this twisted half-up, half-down style. I love how relaxed, yet done it felt! I can definitely see myself doing something similar on our wedding day. Although, I hope my hair is a lot longer by then! (If anyone had any tips on growing out hair, I'll take them!) Rylie is so talented and I love what she came up with and have gotten so many compliments on this style as people see the photos. Rylie just moved back to her home town in Lincoln, Nebraska. Follow her on Instagram to finder where to book appointments!

Jordan and I love these photos so much and couldn't be happier with them! I truly appreciate that they are similar to wedding photos because it taught us a little about how the real day might go down with both of us getting ready, gathering everything we needed the night before, and how to take formal/serious/lovie-dovie pictures together. I would definitely encourage anyone who has an opportunity to take formal pictures together before the big day to do it! I think it will help me relax on the actual day because we have these very wedding-like photos just in case everything else bombs! It's just another step in relieving stress from that day and I'll take all of that I can get!

What's your favorite part of this photoshoot? I'd love to read your comments!

* Thank you to Blue Bridal Boutique, Ashlee Crowden Photo, MJM Designs, and Rylie Meyers for sponsoring this post!

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