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Photos by: Bearded Bousman Photo Co.

Hey everybody! Here are some photos Jordan and I got the other weekend when we chased the sunset to the foothills of the Rockies and found a pretty field to shoot in. This buttery yellow top is so so so comfy and soft! It's from Lady Jones Denver and is perfect for all the Fall weather that's just around the corner!

This past weekend we road tripped to Lake Maconaughy in Nebraska. The lake has a sandy beach, so we pitched our tents, blew up our inner tubes, and spent Saturday on the lake! There were fields of wild sunflowers right next to all of our tents which made the mornings and evenings so pretty with all that yellow! I feel like I'm a terrible blogger sometimes because I forget to snap pictures or share about my weekend adventures on social media! But it's really important to me to be present when I'm with people and not on my phone. I was raised to think it's rude to be on your phone around other people, anyone else?, but I miss out on capturing moments a lot of times that way! Thankfully, my friend Rebecca captured some good times on her phone, so I do have one picture on Instagram of this weekend! :) Proof that it happened!

In other news: I'm joining a Fantasy Football league with my girlfriends and have no idea what I'm doing! Do any of you like football and have some advice on who to choose and why? We're all little lost, but going to try to figure it out together! We're currently deciding what to name our team - a very important task! What do you think? We've thought of Mile High Heels, Lace and Leather or Lipstick and Leather... Any votes or other name ideas?

My Italian trip is coming up soon! I cannot wait!! I'd love to collaborate with any brands who want to have some of their clothes photographed over there! Just email me: hollycanonblog@gmail.com

*Thank you Lady Jones Denver for sponsoring this post!

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