• Holly Bousman


Photos by: Ashlee Crowden Photography

The other week I showed you guys Jordan and my engagement photos in this blog post. We also got to do a fun and casual photoshoot while we were at the Paint Mines. Since I pretty much planned the entire first photoshoot, with outfits and accessories, Jordan got to go crazy getting creative for this one!

He chose to use holi powder and smoke bombs to make a very colorful and playful photoshoot for us! We both got white tees and black bottoms (which I like better than the traditional all-white look) and we had so much fun pelting each other with the powder. Although, I didn't get to pelt Jordan as much as I wanted to!! He got me pretty good! At one point we even had to stop "fighting" so that he could just stand there and let me throw color on him!

We haven't really done much planning lately. I think we got a lot done right at the first part of our engagement and are just relaxing now waiting on a few things here and there. We have picked our Save the Date photo. It came from this photoshoot, right before we started throwing holi powder. It was actually a picture Jordan didn't care to take, he was so ready to get to "fighting." Ashlee and I insisted we take a before picture, thought, and it ended up looking really great! We are just super relaxed and casual looking in it - so we thought it would be perfect! My Aunt Heather is a graphic designer and she is helping us put together some really awesome Save the Date cards. We're starting to hone in on the final look! That's one of the main things we are doing right now.

I'm also putting together something for my bridesmaids... I haven't asked them yet and I feel so bad because it's been forever, but I've just been getting together a surprise for them so I can't ask them yet! But soon soon soon and I'll show you guys the surprise too :)

I hope you all are having an awesome week! I'm super excited for some of the collaborations I have coming up + my trip to Italy with my mom! We are so excited that we are already packing. Is there anything that you guys can think of as a must-pack?! I don't want to forget anything! :)

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