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Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day
Holly Canon Travel and Lifestyle Blog #BossBabe Boss Babe Series Flower Bombers Denver Colorado Bouquet of the day

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have had an awesome week! I am in Italy with my mom and loving every bit of it! Follow along on Instagram to see what we're up to :) Isn't it the most fun thing to receive a bouquet of flowers? I think so! Partly because it makes me feel more like an adult and I partly because flowers are just pretty and nice to have around. They mean someone thought about you and took the time to do something about it! It's such a sweet feeling!

Today we have a Q&A with our next #Bossbabe, Molly, from Flower Bombers. I love getting to ask questions of women who own their own businesses and who are crushing it (That's why I started the #BossBabe series in the first place), so when I got "F-Bombed" by the Flower Bombers with the Bouquet du Jour (Bouquet of the Day), I wanted to find out more about Molly and her company!

Check out the Q&A with Molly, the owner and creator of Flower Bombers: Where did you get the inspiration to start your own company? The concept was created out of need. When I was at work on a Friday afternoon at my primary company, I asked a colleague to order flowers for a new hire joining our team. The discussion then turned to how and why online flower delivery is a tired and broken industry. We quickly set out to re-imagine the industry! How did you decide on your company name? Where did "Flower Bombers" come from? That same Friday afternoon, I went home and began researching domain names. By Saturday, I had 5 domain names saved, all with variations of "Flower Bombers." The name came when researching domains that represented a "verb" and the ability for us to create a positive customer experience.

What was the hardest part of getting started? Time. I have 3 other companies and am married with 3 children.

Wow, I'm worn out just hearing that! What was the easiest part of getting started? Bringing a brand and concept to the market that customers are loving! Turns out others are tired of the tired industry as well.

Exactly, I can't remember the last time I even considered ordering flowers...It seems like too much work. Until now! ​What has been the most surprising part of running your own business? This is my 4th company, but it's my 1st company that's a product and service. It's a blast because our Customers and the Bomb Squad are inspiring to work with! Who has been your favorite person to Flower Bomb? I'd have to ask our Bomb Squad. They each have a favorite story and person. We have a strong following of returning customers and recipients. We have a few celebrity customers that are always fun to see in orders to or from!

(I did ask the Bomb Squad and they had endless stories to tell me of their favorite Flower Bombs! One of my favorites was about a couple that had just moved into their first place together, and literally as they moved the last box into their new home, a Flower Bomb dropped! The husband had ordered flowers for his wifey as a surprise and a congratulations. One of the special pieces of any Flower Bomb is that you have to get your picture taken with the flowers! That picture is then sent immediately to the person who ordered them for you. This couple insisted on taking a picture right in front of all their moving boxes so they would remember the moment forever! So cute!!) What has been your most exciting/funny flower bombing experience? Honestly, every day presents an opportunity for excitement! We love arriving at offices where several staff at the location get involved in flower bombing the recipient. We always take a photo of delivery and it's great when the recipient is available for the photo. Senders love getting that text from us with a picture of their special someone and their blooms! What would you tell someone else just starting out in their business? Focus on culture first, surround yourself with a great team, and strive to learn something new every day! I love that advice! What are you most excited to be working on or what's a fun current project? Our expansion plan! We are working on our company structure so that we can expand into new markets very soon. Keep an eye on us to see what we're doing! That's so exciting! What has been the most useful tool in your business? We leverage technology wherever we can! One of our goals is to automate everything except designing our beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. Love automation! I think that is a major part of scaling any business. What's your favorite social media platform and what's your biggest tip when using it? Instagram! Keep it real and authentic to the brand. Don't become too "commercial." To see what I mean, don't miss our daily Insta-stories! We want to bring the flower bombing experience right to you, as if you're Flower Bombing right there with us! That's so fun and great advice as well! Who is the most inspirational business lady you can think of? Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. She is so inspirational and she proves anything is possible! Oh man, yes! Her story in incredible. Who encourages you along the way? Being a successful entrepreneur requires resilience. I surround myself with professional friends who understand my commitment to this company. I can turn to them for advice or a shoulder lean on... or to cry on some days! My husband and kids are also amazing because they support me and my dreams! Even Flower Bomber customers offer HUGE encouragement with the feedback they provide. It's incredible how much they love what we're doing!

Aww that's so sweet! Your family sounds so awesome and understanding. I love that you can feel their support around what you do! And yes, it sounds like the Flower Bombing culture is fantastic, the many stories I heard from the Bomb Squad made me realize what a loyal customer base you have and how they love getting involved in making it a fun experience too! That's seriously the best! What a fun job you have!!

I definitely love my Flower Bombers bouquet and hope you consider the Flower Bombers next time you want to send a sweet message to someone you care about! Whether it's your kid's 1st day of school, or Valentine's Day, or a "Just Because" kind of day, Flower Bombers make it easy and affordable to make a big gesture!

This has been one of my favorite collabs just because I got to meet these wonderful people! What are some other reasons you might send a flower bouquet? I'd love to hear in the comments below. And let me know if you've tried Flower Bombers and what you think! I can't wait to read about your experience!

Follow along on Insta to keep up with me in Italy!

Buon Giorno 🇮🇹! 👋🏼 P.S. this cute shirt is from Kingdom at Heart! I packed all three shirts that I have of theirs for my trip to Italy and they are the most comfy thing in my suitcase currently.

*Thank you Flower Bombers for sponsoring this post!

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