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Hey everyone! I hope you are having an awesome week so far. I'm still recovering from jet-lag over here because I just got back from a big trip to Italy! I went on a two-week trip with my mom. We had an amazing time hitting up all the must-sees like the Sistine Chapel and the statue of David. We ate our weight in pasta and had our fair share of Italian wine. I will be sharing more posts about Italy in the next few weeks!

Before I left, I had already made a list of things I needed to do when I got back. The biggest thing on that to-do list was to get back to wedding planning! Planning was pretty easy in the beginning, we marked off our WeddingWire Checklist pretty often as we figured out the big stuff like our venue, DJ, photographer, and my dress. There are so many other things left on the list, though: florals, asking my bridesmaids (It's happening soon guys, I promise!), finding bridesmaid dresses, save the dates, invitations, and on and on and on. It's absolutely nuts what all has to go into ONE DAY! Whew! I'm so glad I have a fiancé who actually likes to help me plan. Although, I almost lost him in the very beginning when we had our first and hopefully ONLY fight about the wedding.

One thing we got hung up on early on was (you're going to laugh or cry at how dumb this is)... the cake. I have always imagined having a tiered cake at my wedding. You know, 1 big base, 1 medium middle layer, and 1 small topper. I don't have a reason behind it other than that's just what I've always pictured. Jordan, on the other hand, loves Berry Chantilly cake. He's always pictured having that cake at his wedding. I agreed that, since, it's delicious and beautiful just as it is, it would be a fantastic choice! Perfect! We would be having a Berry Chantilly cake from Whole Foods. Done.

The problem is that the Whole Foods near us doesn't build this cake into tiers because they have had "problems" with delivering it in the past. I guess that means the tier fell over or something at previous events and they don't want to be responsible for that anymore... I can't really blame them!

To me, that wasn't really a problem. We'd just hire some other bakery that would make a tiered Berry Chantilly cake. However, Jordan didn't want a Berry Chantilly cake made by just anyone, he wanted a Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake. This particular cake has been a part of his family's celebrations for years and years and just wouldn't be the same coming from someone else.

So, he had a great idea that he would just build the tiered cake himself - on the day of the wedding. I think anyone who has ever helped with a wedding, or even been to a wedding knows it is not a good idea for the bride or groom to assign themselves any tasks on that day. There's just too much going on. Jordan is fully capable. If he really wanted to build that tiered cake on the day of our wedding, he could. But that's not the point. The point is he'll have a lot more to focus on that day and he should leave the cake to someone else.

This is where the fight came in - I demanded that I MUST have tiers and that he MUST NOT build the cake himself. He demanded that he MUST have Whole Foods cake and MUST build the cake himself. There seemed to be no compromise in sight. We were fuming all afternoon and we walked into church fuming (this all happened on a church day, thankfully). And, of course, after hearing God's Word and getting some perspective on things, we came up with a compromise: We decided we would let go of having a traditional tiered cake and still accomplish the tiered look by using varying levels of cake stands. That way, we could still use Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake, just in 2-3 different sizes arranged nicely on a table. Check and Check!

That's been our only wedding fight so far and I don't plan on having any more! *fingers crossed* No... I don't even have to cross my fingers. I know when I'm being ridiculous and he knows when he is being ridiculous too. We'll always figure out a way to work it out, we just might have to go to church first. Thank you, Jesus! ...But really.

Side Note: I've been getting "planning block" A LOT because my wedding dress isn't exactly white. I keep freaking myself out that any shade of grey or taupe or champagne or ivory might clash with my dress. I hope this doesn't sound too ridiculous - I just don't want people's eyes hurting because of my dress choice against another color that doesn't "go!" So, I've been so so relieved to find this color palette tool from WeddingWire. This tool + paint chips from Home Depot have been a major sanity saver!

What did you and your hubby freak out about during the planning process and how did you resolve it? What traditions did you let go of to make the day work for the two of you? Please leave a comment because I'd love to know what to look out for and possibly ditch!!

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