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Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I have been crazy busy this week putting together these bridesmaid proposals and finally shipping them off! I've felt like the worst bride in the history of brides because I've been waiting so long to send these out. But! Hopefully the wait was worth it because I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

Getting boxes was way more difficult than it should have been. I went to Micheals and Hobby Lobby, like, 10,000x before I finally had all the boxes I needed. And THEN, when I messed up a few while writing on top of them, it was back to the store to find more! I could write a whole blog post on the struggle of finding matching boxes, but I will spare you. :) Just suffice it to say I highly encourage you to bite the bullet and just pay for pre-made boxes.

Deciding on my bridesmaids was harder that I thought it would be - I have had groups of really special girls everywhere I've lived and it was really tough to figure out who to ask. That may sound arrogant, but it's true for most girls if you've got childhood friends, high school friends, college friends, and adult life friends (maybe even from multiple locations!) - it can be hard to choose and also not hurt anyone's feelings. So, what I decided to do was to ask at least one girl from each friend group or time in my life to represent the friendships and memories I have with the entire group. They've almost all received their boxes by today, so I can finally mention names!

I've asked one of my high school best friends, Olivia, to stand by me as my Matron of Honor - I'm so pumped because Olivia is my wonderful, amazing, friend she's one of the most genuine women you'll ever meet! AND, big plus, she's amazing at event planning - You should have seen her wedding it was definitely magazine worthy!

I also asked my very first college friend & sorority sister, Samantha, to be my bridesmaid - literally every memory in college includes Samantha haha. Just thinking back on all the good times makes me smile so big! She is so awesome and posted a picture of her box on insta. Check it out here.

I asked my friend from the Disney College Program, Mariah, because she was my roommate the entire way through our time at Disney and we went through A LOT of craziness together! I feel like we both went in thinking Disney was just a place holder until we figured out what was next in life, turns out that's exactly where God wanted us to be! I'm so excited to have her stand by me!

And I also asked my three best friends that I've gained since moving to Colorado: Brandi, Lauren, and Rebecca are the sweetest girls you'll ever meet who run after Jesus and bring me along too.

I've got one more BFF to ask and her box is in-route. I won't mention her name so it will be a complete surprise! :)

I'm so honored to have such wonderful friends who are willing to stand by me for one of the biggest days of my life!! I can't wait, you guys!

Inside each box:

1 SQUAD tee from Lime Liam

1 Colorado-y card from Before Noon Paperie

1 piece of pretty jewelry. The earrings photographed here are from Fancy Boheme and the bracelet is from Colby June.

If you're thinking about making proposal boxes for your bridesmaids, let me offer you some hard-earned advice:

- Order a pre-made box! Just spend the money and save yourself literally HOURS of time.

- Order more goodies than you think you need. Just in case something gets messed up or sizes are off, you might need back-up!

- Make them quickly and easily. Don't worry about keeping up with what someone else is making, just do what you want and make it your own.

Honestly, sending a card or asking over the phone is just as good! You'll have plenty of time to gift your girls later! I think if I did this over again, I wouldn't do it. haha But it's done and it's great and I think they love them! :)

If you've ever been to a wedding that started in the morning, what was your favorite part? We are wondering if dancing is "a thing" at morning weddings?! Also, we love games and are thinking about playing some with our guests - any ideas?! I'd love to hear in the comments below!

A huge thank you to Fancy Boheme, Before Noon Paperie, and Colby June for sponsoring this post and being so patient while I put it all together!


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