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Photos by: Mom :)

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having an awesome week! I've just arrived in Bermuda and I'm so pumped! Follow along on my Instagram to see where I'm going and what I'm doing here. This week's photos are from a day in Rome, Italy. Enjoy!

As soon as mom and I walked into our airbnb in Rome our jaws dropped. It was so pretty and cute! Unlike the sufficient-but-basic airbnb we had just used in Florence, this one was decked out in pretty furniture and decor and had a top notch kitchen and bathroom. As soon as I saw this kitchen, with all it's pretty blues, yellow, and greens, I thought I've got to take some pictures in here!

Having such a nice kitchen to use worked out perfectly on one of our last evenings when we were just "touristed out." We had been walking with the crowds all day, had already eaten our weight in Italian pizza all week, and had one too many Cappuccinos because you have to pay for something to use restaurants' bathrooms in Italy. We usually got a $2 Cappuccino. At the end of this day, we just wanted to be at home. So, we decided to make some American style spaghetti (or at least the red sauce because we didn't end up using spaghetti noodles). We stopped by the grocery store on our way home from the Colloseum and grabbed some pasta, sauce, and salad.

When we got home, we put the noodles on to boil and hunted through Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu to find a really Italian-esc movie. We chose the Tourist because it was partially filmed in Venice, where we had just been. We got all settled in and had a really nice night just relaxing and resting. BTW the movie didn't work on one platform because they didn't have rights to show in it Italy, but another platform had it and it worked! I wish I could remember which one so I could tell you, but regardless we were happy campers eating our spaghetti on the couch watching Johnny & Angelina run around Venice like a crazy man and a super spy.

The jewelry I'm wearing is made by Krista who is the local Denver designer and creator of Lena James Design. She and I have been socializing on Instagram since I first started my blog last year and I finally reached out to her a few weeks ago. I said, "I can't believe I'm only just now asking, but do want to collaborate?!" And she was in!! She gave me this pair of turquoise earrings, a bracelet with my initial stamped into it, and two doodle heart necklaces for mom and I! I think I wore the necklace nearly every day in Italy and I still wear it a ton around Denver. Its just so simple and cute. The gold and silver in it make it match any other jewelry you're wearing.

Side note: Krista is a super woman! She is a wife, has kids, runs a jewelry store, and makes her own line Lena James Design to sell in the store. On top of all that, she is so so sweet! I think she's looking for some help making jewelry or maybe doing other things for the business, so if you want to help out I encourage you to reach out to her! She'd be awesome to work with!! I love supporting local brands - especially when the person running it all is as nice as Krista! So, if you're looking for some beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear anywhere, Krista has got you covered!

* Thank you Lena James Design for sponsoring this post!


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