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Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog this week. I've been getting more and more texts and Insta DM's that you guys are liking the blog and reading along. That makes me so happy! Thank you for all the encouragement as I keep doing this thing that gives me so much energy! I love being creative with this and it's good to know you like it too - Thank you!

I just got back from my trip to Bermuda! Can you believe I forgot my swim suit?! It was literally so disappointing to realize that I had left it behind, on my bed, right next to my suitcase... ugh! I shopped around a little to maybe just buy one while I was there, but they cost $100+ on sale. So I decided to pass on that and sit in a tank top and shorts on the beach instead. I promise it was just as good - I even got in the water up to my thighs so I didn't miss out on too much! At least that's what I'm telling myself...

It was pretty rainy the first couple of days I was there, so I explored the city of Hamilton and then the grounds of the resort I stayed in. Then, on the last fews days, the sun popped out which really made the trip great! It's always good to end a trip with good weather - that's what I always remember more than the beginning anyway!

I did manage to pack some cool new travel products with me from Spinster Sisters Co. They are a local skincare line that uses natural ingredients, like Rose Petals (so good smelling!) and Olive Oil, instead of man-made chemicals. I especially love the Rose Petal toner because it brings my face back to life if I spritz some on about half-way through the day! I tried out their Body Butter too which felt awesome and opened up one of the facial soap bars and gave it try. I really liked how foamy it got and how good it smelled. That's what I keep coming back to - the good smells haha! I think I sat there for an unusually long time just breathing in the facial bar because it smelled sooo good! haha weird? nah. I think you would too.

About two weeks ago I had just gotten these products in the mail and I was planning on taking them on this trip with me, since they are perfectly travel-sized, I really wanted to showcase that. I was riding around town with Jordan when I spotted some beard balm from Spinster Sisters in his back seat. I thought that was such a crazy coincidence that he had some of the same brand I was going to collab with! I asked him if he liked it, and he said he really does! A friend gave it to him and he really likes the quality of it. If you get chance, go read the "About Us" section of the Spinster Sisters Co. website. It's so fun to hear how Kelly got started living her dream of owning this business. She's a #bossbabe and I should definitely interview her for the series soon too!

I hope you all have an awesome week! Thanks for stopping by and showing support. Let me know what you like to see from me or anything you'd like to see in the future! See you next week!

*Thank you Spinster Sisters Co. for sponsoring this post.


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