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Happy Wednesday, everybody! Something exciting happened this week! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I tried on my wedding dress (from Luv Bridal Denver) for the first time!!!! It's so beautiful and I CANNOT wait for our wedding day! I got my first round of alterations done (Donna Beth Creations) and am adding something fun to the dress which you'll just have to wait and see this March! Jordan is ordering his and his groomsmen' suits very soon from Empire Outlet, and I can't wait to see them when they come in! They have wooden buttons, which I'm weirdly pumped about! haha I cannot believe it's already Fall and almost Thanksgiving! Has this year flown by, or what?!

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love to spend my days with friends, eating lots of food, and just getting QT together. For me, there's usually not just a change in the weather, but a change in my heart. When I really start to think about it, I can actually look back on the Falls of the years past and notice patterns of significant life change abrewin'. Whether it was to dump all the clothes in my closet that are no longer serving a purpose, or to pick a new path in my career, Fall seems to be the time of year when I realize what's actually important to me.

It's when I realize how I want my life to look next year. Part of my vision for next year is to use my time, talent, and treasure more wisely and to accomplish something really good with them. That means I set boundaries around my time, focus on meaningful ways to use my talent, and give my treasure to what and who really matters.

That's one reason I really like Karmalit. They are a local candle-making business that has a great plan in place to protect their time by sourcing wax from the same reliable, American, soybean farmers year-round. They use their talent to creating beautiful, eco-friendly candles that fill a room with wonderful flavors. But they don't just do those things, which you might expect a business to do - beyond that, they give of their treasure to help fund education in the classroom. So, these candles don't just smell good, they do good too! I strongly believe education is a corner stone to building the life you want and I'm so happy to support a brand that aligns with that belief.

"We want to be a part of something even greater. We created the Smell.Good.Do.Good initiative as a way to stand for something greater, facilitate learning, and to have an impact that lasts beyond our product's ephemeral purpose... A percentage of each candle sold goes directly to funding classroom supplies through Donors Choose." - Karmalit

So this Fall, when the smells have changed from sunscreen and summer hikes, to Apple Picking and Thanksgiving dinner, let's recognize that tugging in our hearts to make some changes that will move us into the next year with gratitude and excitement - focusing on using our time, talent, and treasure for something good.

*Thank you Karmalit for sponsoring this post! Purchase a Mini Combo of the candles pictured above, On Sale, by clicking here!

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STAY ORGANIZED IN AN OVERWHELMING HOLIDAY SEASON: Something I'm becoming really passionate about it systemizing anything I can in life. Systemizing helps us all save our time, talent, and treasure. Here's how you can systemize Fall decor: Once you purchase your must-have Fall decor for this year (preferably on sale), mark your calendar for the same date November 2018 to purchase more of the decor you decided to pass on this time around. This way, you build your decor collection slowly but surely - without breaking the bank and without forgetting anything next year! Take it a step further: Mark on your calendar when you put up fall decor this year and repeat the action on the same day next year! Use this pin to help remember this tip!


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