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Happy Wednesday everyone! This weekend I'm traveling to sunny Arizona and I am so excited! I want to soak up the sun next to the pool and maybe even go on a little adventure (rappelling, hot air ballooning, a pink jeep tour maybe?).

This week's blog post is sort of a Life Update and a few random thoughts. I want to fill you in on life lately and a few ideas I'm having for the future! Let me know, in the comments below, if you can relate to any of these! :)

Life Update:

1. (Wedding Plans Lately - WPL) The struggle is REAL when it comes to picking out bridesmaid dresses. I really really want to put my girls in long-sleeve, maxi dresses because it may snow on the day of our wedding. Snow would be beautiful! I definitely want everyone to be warm if that happens!

2. (WPL) Jordan and I are now registered for gifts at Amazon & Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I definitely didn't realize what a big task registering would be! It took us a couple hours to get a generic list together of what we think we need (like a toaster/vacuum/comforter...) and then, like, half a day to figure out exactly which brand and size and color we wanted of everything. Jordan gets ALL the credit for taking care of this, because I gave up after about an hour and tried to distract him the entire rest of the time. His line on repeat that day was "Please don't tickle me. Really, please don't." lol So props to him for staying focused and getting that done! THANK YOUU!

3. (WPL) Even though I doubt it sometimes, Jordan and I are figuring out that we really do have the same style when it comes to decoration for our wedding and our new home.

4. One thing I've really been itching to do on this blog is get more "epic" photos. By that I mean, photos with lots of cool landscape in the background whether that be mountains, the ocean, a landmark, or something else. I just want my photos to be cooler than "Hey look what I'm wearing - you should buy this." lol I don't resonate with that message at all! Clothes are still a major part of my blogging - I want to wear awesome outfits, but I want to be more "in-action" moving forward! This was Jordan and my first attempt at "epic" photos - and they're okay, but idk I just want something that I'm sure I can describe yet or even capture yet! But we will keep testing and see how it goes! Any advice is much appreciated!

5. I'm seriously considering doing a capsule wardrobe! I look at my closet and think WHY do I have so much stuff?! I wear 20% of it 80% of the time and the other 80%, I only wear 20% if the time. I think I am READY to cut my closet at least in half if not more! If anyone knows of a good capsule wardrobe guide, lemme know! :)

6. I just tried out mediation for the first time the other day and it was really helpful in making space in my mind to pause and be present. I think I'm going to start doing that more often. Anyone have any good suggestions for mediation apps or series? I just Youtubed my first one and it was great! LINK

7. JUNK! I have so much junk. I want to get rid of, like, half of what I own. I moved here with just the bare essentials and slowly, I've collected more and more junk to fill my life. I am so ready to just get back to what I actually need. Especially with a move in the near future. When Jordan and I move in together, after the wedding, I don't want to be hauling all that stuff over to our new place. I just what to take what we really need and start fresh.

8. Thanksgiving is almost here!! Woohoo I'm so excited! We are spending this Holiday with Jordan's family in Kansas and I cannot wait to see them all and just spend QT with them!

What I'm Wearing:

This skirt is so comfy and I absolutely love the color. I got it from Pink's. They may still have a few, but since they sell out quickly, here are a few links to similar skirts: A Pink Tiered skirt here. Pretty Grey and White Stripe Twill one here. & A lovely classic tan here.

This tee is from Kingdom at Heart! I stumbled upon this brand while surfing Instagram a few months ago and I love that they are a Christian brand, with great messages. The tees are so soooooft, which is always a plus! Here are a few of my favorites: "Grace and Glory" black tee here. "Love Never Fails" Tee here. Compass sweatshirt here.

*Thanks Kingdom at Heart for sponsoring this post!

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