• Holly Bousman


Photos by: Callie Riesling Photography

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I feel that this post needs no words. It's a little campfire romance story told through the lens of Callie Riesling, and it speaks for itself! But I will take this post to brag about my man for a minute:

Jordan is my very best friend and I'm not embarrassed to say it. (I used to think I could only have girl best friends, but that's just not true.) Jordan just fills me up in so many ways: he's my confidant, my love, my happy place, my comforter, my other brain, & my soon-to-be better half.

Jordan takes me on so many adventures! We go camping and hiking and exploring, but the biggest adventure is our relationship. We're just a normal couple - we fight, we make up, we go through highs where we are so incredibly happy and lows where we just don't know how to communicate what we're feeling. We're learning as we go and it's beautiful.

I love a good plan and usually wish this life we planned to a T, but this relationship with him is a daily unplanned adventure with lots of twists and turns. Jordan is compassionate and understanding, willing to be the first to apologize and go first in everything. He leads me spiritually and challenges me to be more like Jesus. He makes me a kinder human and a more thoughtful one.

I love living life with him and I am so happy to have photos like these to look back on when we're older and remember our engagement, the start of our life together, the dreams ahead, and the amazing love we've found. Thanks, Callie, for capturing a fun evening and for giving us some pretty rad memories!! We loved our adventure shoot!!

Which picture is your favorite? Would you ever consider doing an adventure shoot? If so, what would you want the setting to be? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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