• Holly Bousman


Photos by: Erin Witt Photography

Make Up by: Nicole Toledo Make Up Artistty

Outfit from: Billie

Good Morning, everyone, & Merry Christmas!!! I'm writing this from Dallas, TX on Christmas Morning where Jordan and I are spending time with my family this week. I've just woken up from our post-brunch nap &, while everyone else keeps snoozing, I wanted to pop in real quick and say hello!

We've had such a fun time with my family the past few days. The first day we got here we hit up In-N-Out, of course! Jordan got his favorite "A Double Double Animal Style with Animal Style fries" I think! We saw my two cousins, caught up with them and shopped for a while, then we saw the new Stars Wars movie (I love StarWars and this one was soooo good!) and got dinner with my Honey (grandma). i love spending time with my family! I haven't seen them since last Christmas, which is so crazy and needs to NOT happen again this year! In 2018, I want to make a bigger effort to see them more often!

On the other days we've driven all over town - we saw a little Train Exhibit benefitting the Ronald McDonald House, went to visit a local Ministry where my Mom has been dreaming of working at for a long time and finally gets to starting in the next few weeks, and visited Enchant Christmas. Enchant is a big German Christmas Market with a light maze put on near the sports stadiums this year (I think Enchant moves to a different city each year - not quite sure but it was really fun, so if you want to check it out visit this link). That was really cool for Jordan because his last name is German and so it's fun to see handmade German things and eat German food, etc.!

Thank you all for stopping by every week to read my blog and for following along with life on Instagram. This blog has been a lot of fun so far and I only hope it gets more and more fun as we get into the new year! I've loved all the fun places I've gotten to see this year and the awesome people I've met. I am so excited to meet more people and see more places in 2018! A few of my favorite things I've done because of the blog - or that have ended up here are:

1. Getting to do a video tour of our wedding venue on WeddingWire's Instagram Story last week! WeddingWire has been so helpful in the madness that is planning a wedding. I use the checklist religiously and have used it's vendor finding tool to find some amazing people to help pull off an incredible day, like Nicole who did my make up in these pictures and will also do my wedding day make up!!

2. I've loved meeting these super fun photographer ladies who are continuing to build their own businesses! I feel like we are kindred spirits because we love adventure and making normal things and places beautiful through photos: Erin Witt ,Callie Riesling, Matti Shaw, Bia, and Irene!

3. I have learning a lot about myself, my style, and my desires for life. This has been therapeutic, if nothing else because it forces me to figure out how I'm unique and what I can bring to the blogging table!

4. Meeting amazing Boutique and business owners of Denver has been crazy cool - you ladies are amazingly hard working! I admire you all for following your passions and making them work.

5. One of the best things has been getting to work & get creative with my fiancé on different projects all the time! It challenges us, forces us to communicate, and helps us support each others' dreams.

6. Learning to take control of my own camera and figure out how to create photos I want with my lens is a skill I've always wanted to learn and this year I finally started! I have a long way to go, but it's such a fun hobby I hope I can continue for years to come!

If you have something in your heart that you reaaallly want to do, I want to encourage you to go for it this year! This blog has been such an adventure, a random desire to start something of my own, has turned into a year and a half long journey that I can't see the end of anytime soon. This is just the beginning and I'm seriously so excited about that!


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