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Happy Belated New Year, everyone! I hope you rang in the New Year with people you love and had a lot of fun. One of my friends came up with the theme "Putting 2017 to Bed" so we all dressed up in fun PJ's and had a sleepover. All the girls had on cute PJ's and all the guys wore basically what they already wear to bed... haha we should've known that would happen. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures, but I guess that just means we were having fun and being present.

2017 was a great year! I'm thinking back on all places I went and I'm realizing that I travelled a lot in 2017! From California to Bermuda to Italy, I've seen a lot of wonderful places and I've met so many wonderful people. I've loved getting out and exploring new cities and countries, I've loved hearing new languages and accents and discovering more of our world. Travel really does light me up!

Remember those feelings on family vacation as a kid when you checked into your roadside motel and the first thing you did was beg your parents to take you to the pool? You begged and begged and asked them to please hurry up because you could not wait to jump into the that chlorine-saturated water! And you just wanted to swim for as long as you possibly could. Remember that? Well, that's how traveling is for me. I constantly look forward to the next trip and can't wait to get there.

Every time I visit a new place I get so excited I just want to get out and explore! As I start to explore, I usually fall in love with wherever I am. Whether it's the vibrant people of Puerto Rico, or very preppy Martha's Vineyard, or the totally chill Kauai vibe, I always find a reason to really enjoy each destination.

There's a pattern, though, that I've started to see as I travel. It's something that I think all of us tend to think when we visit an awesome destination: "I wish I lived here!" I've said it a few times this year and my traveling companions have too. In fact, Jordan and I are dreaming about living in Hawaii at some point in our lives. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

This year I was visiting all these wonderful places and saying to myself "I wish I could live here" and then I thought: Why don't I feel the same way, all the time, about Denver, Colorado?

I realized it's hard not to become jaded by my own city. Life's realities live here. When I'm on vacation, I don't have to deal with laundry, the dentist, work, etc. I get caught up in the things I have to do to live and I forget to enjoy my life. This realization has made me want to discover and appreciate the wonder of my new home town and to pause and enjoy something every single day. I want to wake up and daily say "Wow! I'm so happy I live here."

I know how I want my 2018 to be. I want to wake up everyday and ENJOY where I am. I want to enjoy the exciting things and I want to enjoy the simple things. I just want to find more enjoyment in every single day.

Someone recently talked about setting a New Year's Theme instead of a New Year's Resolution. I have really latched on to that idea! This year is about enjoying where I am, enjoying peace and calm daily, and enjoying the plans ahead. Enjoyment. In-joy-meant. In joy, I am meant to be. I can't wait to talk about Enjoyment with you this year!

What are some areas you do not currently enjoy in life and how could you turn that into something you do enjoy? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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