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Product: Jordan's Ring (Black Tungsten Wood Ring Lined with Whisky Barrel White Oak Mens Wedding Band)

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I hope you are all having an awesome week so far. This past weekend just flew by for me! Anyone else? It seems like the weekends are starting to speed up - and idk if it's because we've all got so much to do or if it's just that I have so much to do! Our wedding is only about 60 days away thank you, WeddingWire Checklist, for pointing out that fact. Ah! I cannot believe it's getting so close!! I counted my to do's left and I have to do just about one thing a day until the wedding to complete the check list. I'm so excited to see all my friends and family and to meet all my new friends and new family! I want to really enjoy that day to the fullest!

This year we are talking about Enjoyment. (See my first two posts here and here) It's my personal and my blogging theme for 2018 because little by little I want to get closer to enjoying the majority of the moments throughout my days. Whether I'm doing something really exciting or really mundane, I want to learn to enjoy all the pieces of life.

When Jordan's wedding ring arrived in the mail the other day and I sat on my bed to open up the package, I noticed that it all looked really pretty against my new comforter. The sun was coming into my bedroom just right, and I really wanted to capture the moment! So I grabbed my camera and started playing around.

Then it hit me! Jordan and I are so different. Well, we've been noticing that for a while now, but putting Jordan's ring right next to mine really highlighted that for me! His ring is dark, natural, and non-traditional, while mine reflects light, is very blingy, and is pretty traditional! That's kind of our personalities, though, I guess haha

When I first met Jordan, he looked unlike any guy I'd dated before. He had his big gauges in his ears, his super-cool ray ban glasses, tattoos, and he had DREADS! (His hair looked like Ragnar Lodbrok from Vikings.) I'd always thought I'd marry a preppy-looking person, but God had other plans. And I'm so glad! I can appreciate Jordan's spontaneity and how he likes to do things that aren't the norm! And he can appreciate how utterly predictable I am. haha

Our wedding is coming up so soon! We have so much to do to get ready for it, but I am SO EXCITED that the end of the WeddingWire Checklist is not the end of our journey... It's just the beginning! Here's to many more differences to discover about each other, to laugh about, and to celebrate! I can't wait for our life together to start already :)

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