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Happy Wednesday, everybody! I just got back from a quick trip to Arizona and absolutely loved being there again. I was in Phoenix last year in November and loved the warm weather, getting out to take these photos, and sippin' on my favorite Arizona drink: Prickly Pear Margaritas. While I didn't get out for a photoshoot this time, I definitely soaked up the sun and had a couple of those delicious, fuchsia-pink margaritas too!

I was going through old photos while I was there and I got caught up looking at the engagement shoots Jordan and I have done over the past year of our engagement. We've been really blessed because we got to do basically 3 different engagement shoots! One was through the photographer we've hired for the wedding, Ashlee Crowden Photography, another was through an Instagram and Facebook competition, that you all helped us win, with Callie Reisling Photography, and the last one was with Erin Witt Photography as part of a collaboration for the blog! We got really lucky too, because all three of these photographers are absolutely amazing!!! They each took us to amazing spots around Colorado like the Paint Mines and a National Park near Pike's Peak and to an incredible lookout near Boulder Colorado.

I kept getting drawn into different photos for different reasons like how happy, silly, or funny Jordan is being in them or I'd remember what were talking about in certain photos. They just made me smile so much! haha I'm so glad we got these taken so we have lots of memories look look back on!

I have always always always wanted to get married. It's just something I had in my head that I would definitely do someday. But, I'll be honest, I never knew that the person I would end up with could be this FUN! I'm so crazy excited to marry Jordan because he makes life so happy and funny and new and interesting.

I always hoped for that kind of love, but I wasn't entirely sure I'd get it. And while not every day is fun and not every day is happy, because this is real life here, I think being together through it all is going to (and already does) make those bad times better. It'll be one crazy adventure, full of memories of all sorts, and I'm excited to start the journey!

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