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Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you are having a great Wednesday. Jordan and I are experiencing a weird mixture of being stressed over the wedding and also being completely ready for it. We are both in our final day of work for the week and we'll be taking off for our honeymoon right after the wedding. I think this evening we will both feel less stressed because we'll have more time to focus on getting all the final details done!

I loved going through our engagement photos the other week and sharing my favorites with you guys. It's super fun to remember where we were, what we were talking about, and all the memories surrounding each picture. Photoshoots with my soon-to-be hubby are my favorite kind because I've got buddy in front of the camera with me! There are no "I don't know what to do with my hands" moments... well, not as many, at least.

Some of you have been asking about the pre-marital counseling conference we did through our church the other weekend and what our favorite part was. I think it encouraged me the most when we had to do an exercise where we wrote down some fears we have going into marriage and told each other. If there was anything on our minds that we feared telling the other, we were encouraged to lay it all out on the table. I'm not sure if every couple really did the exercise, but we felt the urgency to get that out of the way. It was really refreshing and took a weight off both of our shoulders.

It's been such a relief to have so much transparency and trust as we walk into marriage. I know we are just barely scratching the surface of everything we are going to learn about each other in the next 50+ years, but to us it feels like we know everything about each other that we can possibly know right now. There are no shadows of uncertainty, no hidden motives, nothing to eat away at our brand new marriage. And that's honestly a great feeling!

We've taken the past year to seek wise counsel, to learn to communicate, and invest in our relationships with God and others. We've built as solid a foundation as we could over the last year. We know life won't always be sunshine and rainbows and the honeymoon phase. Heck! We've already experienced many days that were not "happy" in just one year, but the foundation we've built will help us stand strong as we shape our marriage.

What's some of your best newlywed advice? We'd love to read it in the comments below!

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