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Photos by: Ashlee Crowden Photography

Heyyy guys! Can you believe it? We're finally married!!! After a year of planning (eh-hem thank you, WeddingWire) and posting about all the pieces leading up to this event, this is my first post as Mrs. Bousman! Woohoo :)))

We couldn't have asked for a better wedding day! The weather was stunning. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there wasn't any snow on the ground - yay! All our friends and family at the wedding were so amazing and supportive and made us feel totally loved!

Our morning started early! My mom, grandma (I call her Honey), and I slept over the night before in the Guest House next door to The Manor House & I'm glad we did! I woke up at 5 AM so that I'd have about an hour to sip on coffee, listen to music, journal, and pray before the chaos began. And then at 6 AM my bridesmaids burst through the door! They came in cheering, with lots of energy, for so early in the morning, and really started our day off with a bang! They brought me a Starbucks drink with "Bride" written on the side and that made me feel so super special! I love my bridesmaids! They made our morning so sweet! They put on a 90's music playlist and we danced and sang together as we got ready. Chick-fil-a arrived around 7:00 am and we all chowed down on some chicken mini's as we put on our final touches.

Jordan's sister, Ali, did my hair and she should seriously start her own wedding hair styling business and move back to Denver haha! That morning, I showed her a few pictures of what I wanted and told her "I want my hair mostly curled, half-up-half-down with a couple braids or twists in it - whatever you can do!" and she said "Okay!" and went to work! Take a look at the gallery of pictures and you'll see - my hair was AWESOME! I actually didn't even see it fully the day of the wedding, so I'm glad I have pictures now haha. Oh and Ali had woken up 4 AM to do her own hair and make up and was fully dressed and ready for the wedding when she arrived. Plus she was in charge of the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, so I know she and my new brother-in-law did even more work behind-the-scenes making sure they were all ready to go too! She's so talented and such a great mom :) Thank you soooo much, Ali!

Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry did my make up. She's helped me with my make up a few times now for photoshoots, so we know each other pretty well by now. I'm usually really chatty with her and we usually talk about all sorts of things, but that morning my mind was in a million places. I told her "I'm so sorry I'm not talking very much, my mind is not here haha" and she totally understood! She did any amazing job on my make up, as always, and gave my bridesmaids beautiful lashes! I had all my girls do their own hair and make up and they all looked beautiful! I think the lashes was a good final touch to tie everyone's look together. AH! You girls looked soooo good!

Right before the ceremony, my mom, Honey, Jordan's Mom, Jordan's Grandmothers, his sisters, and my bridesmaids got together and prayed. They blessed our marriage and prayed for a wonderful life together that points to Him. I am so grateful for the love that filled the room while we prayed and the support I know Jordan and I have as we walk this life together.

Then it was time! We walked over to the venue next door and the girls paired up with their groomsmen and I waited around the corner as everything started. As I walked forward, I watched the flower girl, Anberlin, and the Ring Bearer, her brother, Aiden, try to make it down the aisle. Anberlin stopped before the chairs started, though, and kept piling flowers on this one spot - haha it was so cute and funny! I love it when the FG and RB don't do exactly what they should, I think that makes the wedding special and memorable :)

Then it was my turn. I started walking and saw Jordan at the top of the aisle and he was bawling his eyes out! It was sooooo sweet. He's definitely the emotional one out of the two of us. Take a look at the photos in the gallery - his face is priceless! I'll remember that moment forever. I tried to walk very very slowly down the aisle and made a point to pause at the beginning of the chairs to look at all our guests. I wanted to remember all the faces of the people who there to support us and begin the journey with us.

I don't remember the words that were said throughout the entire ceremony. Thankfully, our DJ, Perry Washington, recorded it all and we can go back and listen to our vows any time we want. Our officiant, also named Jordan, went over what it means to get married and what marriage means to our God. He also called our guests to commit to pointing us back to each other and back to God throughout our marriage. Jordan and I really wanted the guests to feel that they are a part of our story too and we know we will need all of their support at different points in our marriage, so this was very important to us. They all committed to be there for us! We loved that.

We said our vows to each other and Jordan barely got through his first sentence he was crying so much. It was the sweetest thing ever and we all got a good laugh out of it! I said mine too and I didn't think I was going to cry at all, but I did cry a little for one part. I'm pretty proud of myself :)

Jordan and I stepped aside to take communion together as a couple for the first time ( we almost kissed and caught ourselves right before we did! haha ), and then our parents got together and prayed over us. Our officiant said a few final words and then pronounced us husband and wife! But someone realized that we forgot to exchange rings!! So we all had a good laugh and did a re-do! We exchanged rings and then Jordan Terrell pronounced us husband and wife again - so we got 2 kisses in our ceremony! I'm glad our ceremony had a little humor in it - I think that makes it a little more personal for everyone and something extra special to remember.

After the ceremony, we brunched and partied and danced and sang with all of our guests. Our Best Man and Matron of Honor gave toasts and they were so special! Jordan has Scottish heritage, so his Best Man, Bradley, gathered our families together while the rest of our guests were dancing and gave a special toast/ceremony that is a tradition in Scotland where both families drink Brandy or Whiskey from the Quaich to celebrate the new bond.(Follow the link to read more.)

We finished the celebration with a Grand Exit, of course. Our guests threw rose petals in the air as we left - the photo of our exit turned out sooo beautiful. I love how the floating petals looked!

Man, there's just so much that happened in that short window of time! I just couldn't believe how quickly everything went by and I kept stopping to soak everything in! We absolutely loved celebrating with all our old and new friends and family. We will remember this day and the love we felt for the rest of our lives! We want to thank every single person who joined us for our wedding ceremony and celebration. It was a big trip for so many of you and we truly truly appreciate the time you took to come see us get married and be a part of it all. We really will need you all throughout our marriage to keep it strong and focused on Jesus - so thank you for committing to help us along the way! We love our new families and friends and can't wait to see you all again!

Keep reading after the photo gallery for a very special announcement!

I am so excited to announce that a change is coming to this blog! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I changed my social handle/my name. Before we got married, I had planned on keeping this blog as it is. I wanted to keep a tie to my maiden name and, I thought, a tie to my identity. However, now that I am married, I've realized that I am not losing my identity at all! Instead, I feel more aligned than ever before, with my purpose as a human. I've always wanted to be a wife and, now that I am, I'm so excited to step into that role fully.

I want to reflect this enormous change, a change that happened in my heart and to my name, and take it across the brand that I've been building for the past two years. I am excited to take the opportunity to continue to grow and enhance the brand I've been curating for the past two years by changing my social name in tandem with my legal name. This will be my final post as Holly Canon on the Holly Canon Blog. I will be launching a new website using my new social media name, and brand, called ... drum roll please! ... bousman babe!

Thank you all for the continued support and love as I transition into #wifelife haha - and get ready for lots of fun posts for the rest of the year celebrating creativity and marriage and everything else the Bousman name stands for! The new site isn't up yet, but I'll be sure to point you in the right direction in the next two weeks!

Thanks for stopping by (and see you on the flip-side),

holly bousman

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