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Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's been beautiful weather in Denver for the last few days - it's really starting to feel like summer and I'm so excited for al the fun activities summer brings! We have a few camping trips already planned and can't wait to spend time outside enjoying it all! We go to Hawaii next week and I can't tell you how pumped I am to be in one of my favorite places again! Last year, Jordan and I visited Kauai and the year before I went with my girlfriends to Maui, so we are super excited to check out Oahu for the first time! If you have any suggestions on where to go and what to do - I'd love to hear them!

A little back story on these photos. I got myself all ready - clothes, make up, & hair - got the camera all set up - on the tripod, with the correct lens, & the lighting just right - and just as I was ready to plop down and take some photos (by myself) Jordan decided to plop down on the couch too. I thought he might move once the shutter started clicking, but he didn't! He just sat right there doing his own thing on the computer... I think this is so hilarious! I could've totally gotten mad, but I guess he really wanted to be in these photos, and I actually really like that he's in them with me. This is us - sitting on the couch - pretty normal - and I like it :)


Since I just changed my blog name to Bousman Babe, I want to give a little intro to anyone who is new here! Welcome! My name is Holly Bousman. I just married my best friend and the love of my life, Jordan Bousman.

When we first started dating, I started a blog and named it after myself. My maiden name was Holly Canon, so naturally I called my blog... Holly Canon. Epic. I know. That was about 2 years ago and a less than brilliant decision on my part because, now that my name has changed, it would just be weird to keep my maiden-blog-name, ya know? Plus, when will I get a better chance to re-brand and spruce up some things? This is pretty much a 'til death do us part kind of deal, soooo I think I've got a while ;)

While Jordan and I were on our honeymoon, in Thailand, we were brainstorming business ideas. It's something that we like to do. It lights us up and get our creativity going! We love bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with branding ideas like color schemes, and brand values, and a business models - haha the whole nine yards.

Well, we were discussing our future children's Instagram handles (because we alllll know Instagram will be alive and well yeaarrrsss into the future & we need to lock down our favorite insta-handles now or someone else will STEAL them!) and he said something like "Yeah! The boys can be @bousmanbros and the girls can be @bousmanbabes!"

And I stopped him right there and said "Wait! I don't want to WAIT to use @bousmanbabes, that's wayyyy too cute, can it be my new insta-name now??? Please?! (Is it wrong to steal Instagram handles from your unborn children?) And he said "Yes, you can use that name." or something like that, and that's the story of how that name Bousman Babe was born!

hey you!

Hey girl! I can't wait to go on another adventure with you! Goodbye Holly Canon - Hello Bousman Babe! It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be laid back, & you're gonna get inspired! Ready? Let's go! I have a vision to turn this into an empire (picture it being just like the one Chip & Joanna Gaines have built) - ha! okay, I'm majorly dreaming - so for now.... we're just gonna start with the blog and talking about what I'm passionate about. But it's really not good enough if it's just what I want to talk about, so I want to know! What do you want to talk about? Here's what I'm thinkin' - Do you like the sound of these topics? Comment below!

  1. Travel - Yep!! Stick with me and you'll see lots of travel pics and get inspired to go travel for yourself!

  2. Life - Talking about Love, making a Home, and never losing your own Identity in marriage - even though I'm brand new at this, I might have some pro-tips up my sleeve.

  3. Style - Fashion that is ethical and organic and re-usable - style that's easily accessible, but mindfully made.

Of course, I can't wait to hear from you and find out what you're interested in! Don't forget to comment.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to be friends :)


bousman babe


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