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  • Holly Bousman


Throwing it back to Hawaii this week since Jordan and I just booked our tickets to go again later this year! We love Hawaii and are blessed to be able to go often! This year we get to go to the same island 2x and we are beyond excited! These are our pictures from this past May when we were in Oahu for the first time ever.

On the day we took these photos, we were just driving around the island enjoying the views as the beach came in and out of view along the outer road. We saw a sign that said "Moon Walk and Dinner Buffet" and decided to turn in. I'm so glad we did - turns out we turned onto the entrance to Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens. It's a beautifully lush valley which the original Polynesian voyagers decided to give to their High Priests because it was so lush and prosperous. If you want to learn more visit

It's about $20 per person to go into the Valley, but there was a farmers market going on before you had to go in, and plenty of pretty plants to see before even going in, so we decided to skip it and just wander around the farmers market, instead.

Actually the best part of our visit happened before we even left that parking lot! A bunch of chicks and their mama were hanging out waiting for tourists to feed them. We had something, I can't remember what, I think pistachios, and gave them some - haha they did not really like the pistachios but it was fun to watch them try them out! They were so cute scurrying from one tourist to the next behind their mom.

Then, as we were walking into the visitor center, a tour bus guide was waiting for his group to come back. He saw us taking pictures, and said "Do you want to see an even BETTER spot?" and we were like "yeah!" and he took us on a little trail and showed us basically the entrance to the valley! It was really pretty but I'm just now realizing we didn't capture many photos of it haha I think Jordan tried, but his camera was making the big scene too bokeh-ed. The closest we got was one that I took of him taking the photo. haha

I also got a bunch of silly photos of Jordan making faces but I have been forbidden from posting them haha so you only get these to smiley ones :)

We just had a good time wandering around taking photos, looking through the farmers market, and spending some time in a beautiful place.

We're going back to Oahu at the end of the year and cannot wait!!

Thanks for stopping by!

bousman babe

Photos by: Bearded Bousman Photo Co. & me :)


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