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Photos are a mix of my husbands work Bearded Bousman Photo Co. and iPhone Photos I snapped.

Man, I remember the first time Jordan and I went camping together... Our friends Jeremy and Greta invited us up to their (awesome/my now-favorite) spot near Estes Park - along with a few other peeps. The original plan was to go up on a Friday afternoon, sleepover, and come back Saturday afternoon, but a few days before the trip Jordan announced that it was going to be a two nighter! That doesn't seem like a big deal now, but I'd never tent-camped before. I totally freaked out, told Jordan I didn't think I could do it (Would I get along with the other people? How does going to the bathroom without a toilet work? What if I needed to be by myself for an hour to re-group? #onlychildprobs), and tried my best to back out of the whole thing. Jordan tried everything to get me to go and convince me that everything would be fine! He gave me pep talks, he gave me tough-love talks, and finally he said something that worked. He said we'd go up for the first night, see how it went, and if it was terrible we'd come right back down. Promise.

Well, long story short, it was a really fun trip - despite the rain the pelted us all weekend and the freezing cold at night. The people were amazing and the views were too. We ended up staying for BOTH nights and making some pretty great memories! Now it's laughable how paralyzed I was about the whole thing.

So, these pictures are of "our" spot! It's actually really close to where our friends Jeremy and Greta live now and it reminds me a little of that first camping spot they invited us to. I think that's why I like it so much! I definitely want to keep finding different spots, this one was a little too exposed (aka really windy). However, it rarely has a fire ban when so many other spots do, so it's a good one! On this trip in particular, Jordan made it his mission to burn a tree stump into oblivion. He couldn't have done that anywhere else that weekend!

Also, I can't rave enough about this August Ink sweater. I literally wear it every morning when I first get out of bed and it's so cold in the house. And I climb into it as soon as I can after work because it's so soft and cozy! If you remember, this one was Jordan's but I inherited it because it's nice and slouchy on me!!

Anyway, I hope you're having a great week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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