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  • Holly Bousman


Photos by: Bearded Bousman Photo Co.

Happy third week of January, everybody! This year is already moving faster than I'd like it to and it’s hard to believe we're only 3 weeks in! How are your resolutions going? If you're anything like me, you've stopped and started a few times by now. Life happens and plans get derailed, but I'm excited for each new week when I can try again.

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to be a "conscious consumer" which means I’m working hard to fill my closet with ethically-made things. This, of course, includes the basics in my wardrobe. A few months ago, I realized the tanks tops I wear allll the time were really really old and getting super ratty. I finally decided I needed to buy some new ones, but who sells ethically made tank tops? I looked around my local mall, but didn't find any that fit the bill. These new tanks tops would probably stay in my closet for a long time, so I wanted to make a really good choice.

Then I found People Tree, on the Good on You app. They have the best possible ranking on the app and I instantly loved the brand's entire look and feel. While I was in Seattle, Jordan and I wandered into a little boutique and I was so surprised to find them selling a few People Tree items. I had been looking all over for them and no big stores really sell them. I bought a super cute apron dress and, I found some tanks too! I was so happy to have finally gotten new tanks that were also ethically-made! Yay! I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to partner with me on this post and I picked out another basic, this classic white tee, to add to the capsule wardrobe I'm working to build. I've been wearing it all the time lately, and I'm not going to stop anytime soon :)

I am also thrilled to introduce you to People Tree! This company is awesome because they hold themselves and their suppliers to high standards. They make sure their employees are paid living wages and that their clothes are made with eco-friendly materials. They were doing this before "sustainability" was popular and I think that's a main reason for their success. They looked around at their industry and thought "is there a better way?" I love that!

The other day People Tree posted an article talking about why they put their clothing on Sale. I'm really glad they addressed this, because I always wondered how a discounted garment would make enough money to support everyone involved in making it. People Tree was very clear that Sales do not cut their worker's wages, instead they boost them! Those clothes that weren't selling anyway, became Sale items that DID sell. People Tree uses the money made from sale to pay their artisans, so they can being making the next collection. I love learning about sustainability and the process behind sustainable companies, so learning about the way sales help the company, not hurt them, was really reassuring.

Since it’s not very convenient to buy ethically-made things on the fly (you can't run into many local stores, like I happened upon in Seattle, and find these kinds of products), it's becoming more and more important to me to think about what I need in advance and make more thoughtful purchases (online purchases for the most part). I'm so glad I waited to find some tank tops that were made well and, now, I'm so happy to have another ethically-made basic in my closet! Thank you, People Tree, for sponsoring this post and for sending me another piece that I'll love for a long long time!

I hope you all have a wonderful week this week and that you keep plugging away at your resolutions! And go check out People Tree when you have a minute, I know you'll love everything from their basics to their latest prints!

Thanks for stopping by,

bousman babe


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