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Hey guys! What a crazy couple of weeks it's been. We've experienced most of life’s major events all crammed together. Jordan and I each celebrated our birthdays, we celebrate the life of his sister Adia after she passed away suddenly last week, and we celebrated the beautiful wedding of our friends Lauren and Nolan. This is gonna be a long post, because I want to be able to look back and remember all these events:

My birthday was on Friday, Jan. 4th - I'm 26 now! woop woop! The morning of my birthday, Jordan told me we were going to go out for a really nice dinner to celebrate, somewhere super fancy. This place was SO fancy, in fact, that he was planning on wearing his wedding suit! At first I was excited about a really fancy dinner and then I immediately freaked out thinking I don't have anything to wear! I was flipping out and Jordan was getting all kinds of offended because he had planned this really nice thing and I was being so weird. And then I stopped and I told him "I need a hug." He obliged. We hugged for a good three minutes until I felt like I transferred ALL my stress to him. haha (that's how I picture it anyway) and then I told him the issue "I don't think I have anything fancy enough to wear." (I know I have a ton of clothes, but my dresses and rompers need a nice jacket to go over them (because it was freezing outside) and I don't own one of those, except a work blazer and I'm not wearing that to my birthday dinner! Anything I would have put over the dress/rompers I own would make the outfit casual again and that's not what I needed. I know... first world problems. So i guess I should've gotten a nice jacket, but that's not what I did.) After hugging it out, Jordan laughed at me for freaking out so much and told me I should go buy something after work because I'd eventually have another occasion like this one and need a nice dress anyway. So I did! (Ladies, when your husband tells you to go shopping - you GO shopping!) So I got a really nice dress from Gal Meets Glam, which is a blogger I admire a TON, who released her own line of dresses (that fit perfectly by the way) and he wore his wedding suit and we went to our fancy dinner... and guess what! We were the fanciest people in that restaurant! Ugh. All that fretting for nothing. Denver is so casual. haha Most of the time I love it, but when I really want to be fancy, and we go to one of the fanciest restaurants in town, I wish it weren’t so casual. And then alll of that became soooo insignificant, I couldn’t believe I even worried about clothes for one second... because Monday night around 11:00pm, Jordan’s little sister passed away unexpectedly. When Jordan found out at 3:00am, he woke me up immediately. Seeing my strong husband so upset, was probably one of the worst moments of my life.

I don't think I've ever said this before here, but my friends know and I consider you guys my friends too, so I'll tell you :) My dad owns a funeral home, so I grew up knowing about death more than most people and, by default, I react a little differently to it. I don't get very emotional and it doesn't surprise me like it might surprise others. While I used to think that was sort of a flaw in me, I realized, this week, that it is a gift. Over the past two weeks, I got to be a solid rock for my husband, while he is grieving.

Another thing we got to experience last weekend was the beautiful marriage of our (beautiful) friends Nolan and Lauren! Jordan met Lauren while leading a young adult group at our church, and then when I joined the group, I became close friends with Lauren, and a little later, Nolan joined the group. Somewhere along the line, Lauren and Nolan started dating and fell in love :) Last Summer, Jordan hid in the bushes, with his camera, while Nolan proposed to Lauren. He got some awesome shots of the proposal and then their engagement photos after he was allowed to come out of hiding haha. Lauren asked me to be a bridesmaid and I was so honored to be with her on her big day! She was literally the most laid back bride I've ever seen, totally different from me as a bride! And it was all so beautiful and really really fun!

Aaaand we celebrated Jordan's birthday! I asked Jordan what he wanted to do for his birthday this year - did he want to be alone? Did he want it to just be him and me? Did he want to get a bunch of friends together? And he, of course, decided he wanted to be among friends! He’s such a people person, I knew that would probably be his answer!! We got a bunch of friends together at this really cool bar called Rocker Spirits where they pretty much hand craft each drink. It feels a little old fashioned, which is fun! And we got his favorite cake, Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods, to share with everyone. I asked everyone at the party to help with a game I was making up on the fly. I passed around my phone and had everyone write one or two questions about Jordan. Preferably a question that they knew the answer two, but would probably stump everyone else! After we sang happy birthday, he blew out the candles, and we all had a piece of cake, we played the game. It was really fun to learn the answers to all the questions people asked. We all got at least one good laugh out it! It was a great time with everybody 😊

So, as you can see, we just about saw the full spectrum of human emotion in one week. It was full of joy and, somehow, full of sadness at the same time. I hope you guys hung with this post, but it's a lot and I understand if you didn't read it all :) I just want to make sure to remember these weeks in particular and wanted to write down a lot of my thoughts about it.

I hope you have a great week, you guys!

Thanks for stopping by,

bousman babe


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