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Photos by me!

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday :) I wanted to share photos from Lauren's Bachelorette Party that we threw for her in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this past December. I'm so glad I brought along my camera because I love ALL of these shots. It's been really hard to narrow them down to even just this. Hope these pictures make you smile like they make me smile!

We spent the majority of our day snow-shoeing which was really fun to do for the first time, but I think if I'm gonna put on all that winter gear and be on the side of a mountain, I might as well go skiing! I haven't been in a long time because I've thought it was such a hassle, but after this weekend up on the mountain, I realize it's totally worth it! So I'm not really sure when I'll snow shoe again, but it was fun and a little slower-paced which made for lots of picture taking time and lots of time to talk with each other which we love to do most anyway!

And even though we were just walking and talking for the most part, we were exhausted by the time we got off the mountain. I felt like a zombie walking into the local pizza place down in town. But a little pizza definitely helped! We checked into our airbnb and then headed to the hot springs near by. They were really interesting fun! The ground was covered with snow all around and then you strip down and hop in the hot water! OH and it's clothing optional after dark. We all just wore our suits, but we're pretty sure plenty of people in there were... not. It's an experience for sure ha ha!

We all crashed as soon as we got back to the airbnb. We couldn't even keep our eyes open for a chick flick! So we watched 27 Dresses when we woke up the next day and put on facial masks and had a big breakfast and headed home. It was a short and sweet and really fun two days spending time with our bride-to-be! And now she's married - like 4 weeks in - and definitely a pro at this wife thing!

If you get the chance to visit Steamboat Springs, you SHOULD! It's a really cute town and has a gorgeous ski resort. I can't wait to visit again and maybe ride the roller coaster that is there now!

Thanks for stopping by!

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