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  • Holly Bousman


We met at church, at a young-adult group, when I first moved to Colorado. He had tattoos, a “dread-knot” man-bun, thick ray ban glasses, a big ole beard, he was wearing almost all black, and he had gauges in his ears. I didn’t know what to make of him! I remember thinking “he has A LOT going on.” So I started to watch him from a distance. He was funny. He was liked by everybody. He was vibrant. And he had really good things to say about Jesus. 6 months passed. We were just acquaintances, bumping into each other at various church events, and then he decided to ask me out!

On our first date, we talked about the futures we dreamed about. We talked about wanting to host a small group in our home someday. That we dreamed of having a home with open doors that welcomed friends and family at any time. We talked about traveling the world, being open to adoption, and living our lives for Jesus. We talked about lots of things that I’m not sure everybody talks about on a first date! Our ideas were lining up so perfectly and I remember thinking “Yes! THIS is what I’m looking for.” We started dating. One year later, we got engaged. And then another year later we got married. One more year brings us to NOW. We’re celebrating our first anniversary this week. Tonight, we hosted the small group we are a part of in our home. Jordan’s still on the couch talking sports and life with one of the guys, making another friend, like always, and our house is warm and welcoming. Our dreams that we discussed on our very first date are coming true. Slowly, but surely. And it’s really really really cool to see. Love you, Jordan, and the life we get to build together.


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