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  • Holly Bousman


Photos by: Bearded Bousman Photo Co.

Swimsuit from: Elle Evans Swimwear

Happy New Year, Everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2019, can you?! I feel like this past year has FLOWN by! I remember sitting down to write the first blog post in 2018, looking forward to marrying the love of my life, planning out a year full of travel and dreaming about what life in 2018 would feel like in general. A lot was about to happen, and it feels like those moments of planning were only a few months ago!

Jordan and I didn’t even know we would be purchasing a house in 2018. At the very least we thought we would only start LOOKING for a house. Not buy one! Haha 😂 But I guess you can never FULLY know what will happen in a year, can you? I’m betting your year had some surprises in it too, right?

One thing I’ve become a little extra passionate about in 2018 (that I’m going to make a point to carry into 2019) is purchasing ethically made products. From clothes to home decor and everything in between, I want to know the workers who made my things have been treated well and paid fairly. I want to support the brands that think about where their materials come from and how those materials are made too.

Brands like Elle Evans Swimwear are doing a fantastic job making conscious clothing that's actually cute! If you’re looking for ethically made swimsuits, Australian-based Elle Evans Swimwear makes SUPER CUTE suits that are made out of recycled plastics. (They also have some pretty cute fitness wear that I’m currently convincing Jordan I neeeed so I can work on another New Year Resolution: fitness!)

In these photos, I’m wearing a medium Sandman Reversible One-piece. It is seriously soooo comfy!! I wore it almost every day we were in Hawaii under my clothes, because you never know when you’re going to come across a beautiful beach and go for a swim in Hawaii! Go to to check out even more of their cute suits and active wear!

I know it’s not always convenient to buy ethically made, eco-friendly, or sustainable things in the United States. Stores just don’t carry a ton of those options right now, so we tend to have to buy them online. And let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to run to a store close to home, at the last minute, and buy whatever they have in stock, than to order something online a few weeks in advance. I definitely do this! It’s usually one day before a trip that I realize I want/need something so I run to a store to buy it, when I could’ve thought ahead and purchased a more thoughtfully-made product.

In 2019, I’m hoping the demand for ethically made things rises so that our local stores start to carry brands just like Elle Evans Swimwear so we can just run in and buy something that's good for us and good for everyone. Until then, let's continue to think about where our products come from, who made them, and how each person involved is treated when we buy! That alone will make a huge difference :)

A HUGE thank you to Elle Evans Swimwear for collaborating with me on my first blog post in 2019! I can't think of a better brand with a better mission to start the year with. I hope you all fall in love with this brand just as much as I have!

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