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  • Holly Bousman

Mountain Time with August Ink!

If you take a look back through my blog posts you'll start to see one brand pop up more than others: August Ink! August Ink is a local Colorado shop that sells the cutest tees, sweaters, mugs, stickers, patches, and pins. This is a Mountain Time Fleece and, let me tell you, it's my favorite fleece of all time!

I have another identical one that's about 2 years older. I've worn it to sleep nearly every night since I got it. I was sooo excited to get this replacement sweater, but now I think I'll keep sleeping in the old one and wear this one out-n-about! It's literally the coziest and I love that it says "Mountain Time" since Jordan and I are, more often than not, spending time in the rocky mountains!

August Ink and I are hosting a giveaway over on Instagram this week! So be sure to hop on over and enter to win your very own Mountain Time Fleece!

Thanks for stopping by!

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