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Hello and Buongiorno, everyone! Its about 9:00 AM, and I'm writing from Rome, Italy. That means it's about 3:00 AM on the East Coast in America and even earlier for the rest of the country! To say I have way too many photos to edit and share, is a major understatement. My phone and camera storage cards have been yelling at me almost everyday that I've got no more room left and need to stop taking photos! haha not a chance.

I want to show you guys my favorite island in Venice, which is called Burano. It is famous for the art of lace-making and for it's colorful houses! We wanted to get over to this island to see the lace work. Someone commented that traditional lace-making may be a dying art form since lace is readily available (probably made from big machines) and inexpensive in many stores. So, we wanted to the sure to go see possibly the last generation of lace makers and their products. Let me tell you! The lace is beautiful and the shops are wonderful! I can't imagine they are going anywhere any time soon, but be sure to get over there and check it out for yourself. There are beautiful lace table cloths, runners, and other home decor. There are also lace clothing items like scarves and tops and gorgeous dresses. It was a dream! Definitely go, if you get the chance.

I went a little crazy taking photos of all the colorful houses! They were so neat to see. This island is eye-candy central! I also had a pretty kimono from Chelsea Boulder that I wanted to shoot in front of these houses. So mom and I hunted around for the perfect shades and got some gorgeous photos in front of them! This outfit was one of the most perfect outfits for Venice, I wore it at least twice, there. It was cooler during the day and sometimes rainy, and we walked A LOT, of course. The sneakers are a must (I would even advise you to wear even more comfortable sneakers than converse - they were too thin most days and I needed more cushion/support), the jeans kept me warm, and the tank + kimono from Chelsea made me feel a little bit dressed up. Pretty much all the Italians seem to be dressed up, so I wanted to dress up a little too.

When we first got off the vaporetto (public transit water-bus), we walked straight ahead on the main street until we reached the canal. Just to our right, we stopped at the restaurant RiveRosa, which is easy to spot because the building is rose-colored! Also, it's a popular spot for people to pause and take a photo of the colorful houses along the canal. We stopped in for some pesto + basil pasta, a salad, and a glass of white wine. It was a really great restaurant and I recommend it because of it's popularity, location, and delicious food.

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